Laforren drops new single “Outsyder” on July 10, 2020 available on all streaming platforms


After having a set back In 2018 Laforren looks forward to getting back on track with his music career picking up where he left off. With a few hit songs of his making noise within his city and nearby city’s, He’s expected to have a breakout record that could put him on the map.

Laforren who is 23 has been recording music and dancing since the age of 16. With music in his family, he realized that this was something he wanted to do with his life early on before he decided to pick it up. Learning the ins and outs about the business and sharpening his skills as he grew and as an artist growing his sound he looks forward to getting his opportunity to make his mark. Coming from Stockton California, rooted in Richmond California Laforren has the musical world ahead of him. With musical influences from Tupac, Michael Jackson, Young Thug, and Chris Brown. Laforren has a unique style he is developing.

So what makes Laforren foreign? What makes him different from other artists in today’s music game? He answered by saying, “I work on making music that doesn’t fade away over time, and that has an impact on people that lasts”.

“I feel like I can be a voice”, “I think of myself as the Michael Jackson of rap because of my singing, rap melodies“.

“And like Michael Jackson I incorporate dancing into part of being that entertain”.

With that being said let’s see where Laforren take his talents to.

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