Lalaland launches Genesis Meta Model Creator at world’s largest tech fair

The fashion tech start-up’s newest innovation will disrupt the fashion industry and set new standards for brands and retailers


LAS VEGAS, Nevada – January 03, 2022 – Award-winning fashion tech start-up Lalaland today announced the launch of their newest product, Genesis Meta Model Creator, at CES 2022. The first-of-its-kind product delivers a transformational tool for fashion brands and retailers by enabling them to generate virtual fashion models of different body types, sizes, and skin complexions, helping them reduce cost and enjoy faster time to market for their on-model images.

With the Genesis Meta Model Creator, fashion brands and retailers can dress models, mix and match looks, and visualize items on models that are most relevant to their customers, creating a highly personalized and inclusive shopping experience. Currently, Lalaland serves global customers in the fashion and retail industry, and their models are seen by more than two million consumers each week.

Why Virtual Fashion Models and Why Now?

Automate the traditional process

Currently, fashion brands and retailers hold several physical photoshoots each year to publish a new collection. Photoshoots are complex and expensive because they require human models, photographers, makeup artists, hairstylists, venues, etc. That said, the highest cost for fashion brands and online retailers are missed customer acquisition opportunities (because customers cannot see clothes on someone who looks like them) and returns, as most returns are driven by poor look and fit. Full-body modeling can solve this problem.

Support diversity and inclusivity

By using the diverse and inclusive Genesis Meta Model Creator, fashion brands and retailers can provide a relatable experience with diverse models for their shoppers. Models can be generated based on skin complexion, body size, body shape, and hair type closest to the shopper’s preference. With the Genesis Meta Model Creator, brands can turn first-time visitors into long-term customers by providing a holistic shopping experience that leads to faster acquisition, and eventually, retention.

Lower cost and decrease time to market

Display fashion products on Lalaland’s models without having to go through a time-consuming photoshoot or investing in expensive equipment. Lalaland’s high-quality model photos are only 15% of the cost of conventional photoshoots and offer a variety of models, poses, sizes, and skin complexions that let fashion brands and retailers increase interaction and conversions.

Lower returns

Lalaland’s industry-leading technology helps to increase the first-time correct hit-rate and reduce the need to order several sizes by better tailoring the virtual fitting experience online. Return rates will fall, resulting in fewer garments being thrown away. It also means fewer shipments to the consumer and back to the retailer, reducing transportation-related carbon emissions.


Despite vaccination efforts, fourth waves of the pandemic are shaping how fashion brands and retailers are adapting to the COVID crisis globally. While retail is bouncing back, the same cannot be said for brick-and-mortar establishments. e-Commerce sales are still at an all-time high as customers find themselves shopping online in the convenience of their own homes. They still want meaningful and relevant experiences online, and virtual fashion models enable shoppers to see models that look like them.

“There is a massive opportunity for fashion brands, retailers, and digital designers to drop legacy practices and invest in new AI-driven technology that will change the game. With our virtual fashion models, we enable brands and retailers to go to market faster than they ever have, increase average order values, and tackle one of fashion’s biggest problems, returns. If there was ever a time to experiment with technology like this, it’s now,” said Harold Smeeman, co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer at

Lalaland will be showcasing the Genesis Meta Model Creator at CES in the NL Tech Square Start-Up Pavilion in Eureka Park at Tech West at the Venetian Expo Venue, Level 1, Hall G.

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