Leading Life Coach and Author Odusola- Talitha D. Prophet Transforms Lives in Uncertain Time

ATLANTA, GA, USA, November 25, 2020  Talitha is an Award-winning Intuitive Author, Spiritual Teacher, & Life Coach who specializes in personal growth, spiritual enlightenment coaching, innovative online courses & spiritual services.
Known also as Odulsola, the beautiful goddess of Atlanta, GA, Talitha D. Prophet has intuitive, clairvoyant powers that signifies divine prophecies, which serve her powerfully alongside with consecrated spiritual tools. We are calling her the Goddess of the 21st Century, “expects world changing events”.

A respected award-winning American author, she is best known for her works “I Am vision Creator System “Secret to Mastery,” “Self thy Know” (The Bible of Divine Revelation), “The Last of Evil Days Trailer,” Tru Goddezz R & B Single “Maya” were popular with Jango radio listeners, Many have reported a sense of divine healing frequencies from her musical pieces and her sought-Community of Secret to Mastery platform (Odusola LLC.) https://talitha-d-prophet-american-author.business.site/. There you can make an appointment and become a member and take part in her proven transformational life services.

As an Intuitive Author, Spiritual Teacher, Counselor & film/novelist. Odusola offers courses for teachers and students who intend to make the world a better place through their spiritual contribution to life.

Utilizing a serene presence, humor, and insightful wisdom, she has inspired hundreds worldwide to recognize their innermost potential earning life-transforming results.
An Intuitive spiritual counselor, teacher, life coach and healing products & services, Odusola is dedicated to “Now” transformation. Her subjects often experience groundbreaking human consciousness. Such transformation becomes a shift into inner awakening, touching the heart, enabling spiritual growth, conscious decision making, and ultimately, the rejoice of living within the now.

As an Intuitive life coach, Odusola employs her considerable intuitive skills and knowledge of spiritual principle, Science of Mind & her I Am vision creator system to help students release. Through her direction, she guides each into the acceptance of keys that unlock closed doors. The kind that stands between you and your ability to build personal success.
To accomplish this, Odusola employs her considerable intuitive skills, and her knowledge-base of spiritual principles helps release ineffective beliefs, mental isolation, and obstacles to transformation. Those who have worked through her program describe a clear pathway to awakened spiritual success.

In an Interview with Odusola on Atlanta Kiss 104.1 Fm radio show the interviewer said to the Atlanta Goddess” You’re fairly young” “Where did you get your ideas from?”

Prophet replied and said ” God Put it on my heart to do the self-help publication, “I was helping a small pool of individual that received remarkable results from it, so I decided to publicize it and share it with people from around the world” I’ve always had a natural interest in inspiring and helping others.

Odusola has been a spiritual counselor, life coach, and self-help author since 2003.Therfore, has been giving positive insight to others Ever since the age of 6 yrs old. She offers worldwide Transformational Workshops offered through conference calls and webinars. She is available for booking by appointment remotely via conference call. She leads classes, workshops, and retreats focusing on Scientific prayer affirmations, creativity, writing, I AM Vision Creator, music, nonviolence, forgiveness, short meditation, and visioning through her course material. Interested? Book a breakthrough session now or live stream one of her self-help products found within her web store.

Odusola also delivers training courses in retraining your subconscious limiting beliefs. E-Courses are available to members around the world. She works with business and private clients on a one-to-one basis ranging from life coaching to therapy. Members have overcome toxic relationships, sadness, money problems, weight loss, phobia, performance, anger, and more. If you are ready to transform your life, please make an appointment by requesting to become a member at Odusola https://Odubaba.com to determine which self-improvement program fits your needs.

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