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A couple years after publishing her much acclaimed first book, Charoletta Anderson King; a renowned writer, chef and innovator shares stories on excellent recipes in a creative cooking skills and menus bounded up in a excellent piece of literature, ‘the secrets of Chef Charly’. Available on Amazon.


This Collection of ten Individual Recipes and stunning food photographs, the secrets of Chef Charly, is a time proven invention of new ideas, exclusive direction and contemporary twist to various dishes having its basics on making your diets more healthy and nutritious.Very much more than just a Cookbook, The secrets of Chef Charly is a testament to Chef Charly’s conviction that everything can be made possible in your kitchen with the right mix of creativity, persistence and innovative thinking.


The 24-page cookbook is a step-by-step journey with Chef Charly featuring excellent mouth watering easy to follow recipe, new foods and Chef Charly’s tips and advices.All recipes come with a step-by-step instruction as well as specific suggestions of ingredient quantities to allow reader create not only the best dishes, but the best cooking memories.


The beauty of the The secrets of Chef Charly’s Cookbook is that you don’t have to lose any of the delicious tastes and flavor that we all love. The Cookbook will help you achieve your goals instead. It is a must have. ‘The secrets of Chef Charly’ Cookbook is available for purchase on Amazon: 

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About Charoletta Anderson King

Charoletta Anderson King “Chef Charly” is a Talented Innovator, Chef and Writer popularly known for her creativity and tireless effort in impacting basic knowledge. Her works has been featured on various top Websites and has a recent appearance on Martha Stewart Website. The New Cookbook ‘The secrets of Chef Charly’ speaks more of her renowned knowledge, culinary skills and creative ability.  

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