Leland Yeshua DeWayne Attends the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards in Newark


Hollywood Creative Director, Universal Music Publishing Group Executive, Space Market Entrepreneur, and UNICEF Ambassador Leland DeWayne witnessed attending the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards held last Monday night in Newark, New Jersey

Newark, NJ — As 2019 continues customarily, the “Hollywood” Awards Season begins spring of every year and closes-out along with the entertainment season’s scheduling in autumn. For many decades Hollywood industry awards shows, such as the Recording Academy’s: Grammy Awards and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences’: Oscar Awards, kept exclusivity and observed ceremonially for their industries.

Music Television’s iconic VMAs ceremony returned for yet another summer, bringing their exponentially-dedicated sample of modern pop culture flavour to the East Coast.

“Boy, oh boy, was that a special award show! On Monday night, the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards gathered the biggest musical artists in multiple genres together for an unforgettable evening of performances and awards” (E Online).

The presentation remains on the East Coast. Taken place August 26th, at the Prudential Center in Newark, this summer earmarks the first VMA ceremony held in New Jersey. Comedian Sebastian Maniscalco hosted the 35th annual ceremony. Universal Republic Records artists Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift both led the nominations with twelve each.

At age 31, Creative Director Leland Yeshua DeWayne appears a youngster when referenced to the aged and more experienced Recording Executives in his direct category. Beginning the foundations of his professional career in 2009 during a nationwide, Def Jam led, Universal subsidizing A&R Tour; his tenured corporate level entertainment experience allows him the ability to provide his artist roster with the best possible music business analytics, success-insight, fan base reciprocity results, exterior market placement agendas and career longevity goals.

Over the years, many television broadcasting companies have capitalized on the lesser and underutilized half of the season. By entertaining music patrons worldwide, through television broadcasting, these new participants bring the annual ceremonial season a lineup of award shows catering their own branding.

As an UMPG Executive Creative Director, Leland DeWayne is a frequenter of many Hollywood Industries events and ceremonies as well as private philanthropic gatherings. The United Nations Communitarian Ambassador and Space (market) Entrepreneur is notorious for keeping an extremely low public profile amid his dealings within the Hollywood Hills lifestyle and his professional music engagements. He is one, “for attending events such as the Recording Academy’s annual Grammy Special and the New York Metropolitan Museum’s annual Met Ball Fashion Gala in custom-tailored Brioni, Louis Vuitton and Armani collection suits […]” (CultHub).

Viacom Media Network’s MTV:  Video Music Awards has become a favorite amongst the Viacom/MTV channel-network awards package. The media company delivers an exceptional ceremony honoring entertainment’s best in the Music Video medium. This exceedingly anticipated annual MTV: Music Video Awards show-concept, originally conceived as an alternative to Grammy Awards in the video category, gained an early national reference in the United States as the “Super Bowl for youth”.

“Highly reserved Hollywood area Creative Director Leland DeWayne even spent the past few weeks in [the area] himself. The reticent and enigmatic luminary, known for buying-back local tabloid media publishings, recently found mainstream substance after featuring in the United Nations’ world governmental magazine, Renewable Energy.” (NBC News)

“The MTV Video Music Awards is the place to make a major red carpet statement. Anything goes at this over-the-top awards show, from Ariana Grande’s glamorous metallic minidress or see-through skirts like the one Nicki Minaj wore in 2018. Oh, and we can’t forget Madonna’s now-iconic ‘Boy Toy’ wedding dress look from the ’80s, or Jennifer Lopez’s matching white crop top, low-rise flares, and bandanna from the 2000 show. The VMAs have given us some truly unforgettable, occasionally controversial looks that will go down in history.” (Teen Vogue)

The world highlighted acknowledgment of the VMA ceremony’s ability to draw millions of youth, grasping ‘teens to 20-somethings’ each and every year. By 2001, the VMAs become a highly-coveted awards presentation to the entertainment industry’s affiliates. Winners receive a casted statue recognizing their achievements. The exclusive molding is an astronaut on the moon holding a flag and one of the earliest worldwide representations of the MTV brand, becoming an American Music Industry Awards Show staple, colloquially called a “MoonMan”.

“Leland Yeshua DeWayne is known notoriously among Los Angeles’ community of industry suits and creatives locally [within] the city. As a prominent creative director who dabbles in almost every inch of the city’s entertainment industries, he [works] closely on music concepts, as well as music in film, with artists at the top of Universal’s catalogue; leading the creation of projects for performers including Rihanna, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Ariana Grande, Nick Jonas, J Cole, Cassie, Rita Ora, Drake, Demi Lovato, Nicki Minaj, [Taylor Swift and others].” (UNESCO | Renewable Energy Magazine)2018

The 2019 MTV Video Music Awards exploded with an unforgettable opening performance by Republic Records artist Taylor Swift. “Swift opened the show with a performance of ‘You Need to Calm Down’ and ‘Lover’, both from her recently released 7th LP [album], then took home three awards, including video of the year for ‘You Need to Calm Down’. (NY Times)”

Ariana Grande, while nominated in at least 10 categories, took home 3 awards metaphorically. However, the artist was unable to attend the award show due to scheduling conflicts with the predetermined European portion of her yearlong world tour.

After releasing two albums less than a year apart, it comes as no surprise. This year’s VMAs crowned Ariana with one of the ceremony’s highest awards. Winning Artist of the Year, Grande expressed apologies accepting the award remotely, via her Instagram Stories. The mega popstar also won an award that night in the Best Art Direction category for the music video relating to the song ‘7 Rings’.

Her new single “Boyfriend” with the artist-group Social House securing Song of the Summer category and bringing her career total VMA wins to five ‘moon persons’. In 2017 Chris McCarthy, President of MTV, stated that the award statue will be called a “Moon Person” going forward.

As one of the main creative directors for Universal Music Group and their Republic Records imprint, Leland Yeshua DeWayne led the creation on 4 of Ariana Grande’s last 5 album projects. Heavily engaged, he is an exclusive go-to for many Universal artists. Ensuring translation of artistic measures, L DeWayne processes his client’s visionary goals into tangible worldwide cultural movements. “Delivering exceptional creative contributions to both the Thank You Next and Sweetener albums, it is expected that the Executive would attend at least a couple shows on the months’ long tour.” (New-York Chronicle)

“But more importantly, the show is celebrating the 10th anniversary of Kanye West’s Hennessy-fueled interruption of Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech for best video. West later apologized (after President Barack Obama called him a “jackass”), and Swift mocked the confrontation on Saturday Night Live. They’ve had their ups and downs since, including a dust-up over lyrics.” (Deadline.com)

Representatives for the executive said, “[he] believes strongly in molding the individual creativity of the company’s artists and looks forward to guiding the evolution of music as a whole into the new age.” (ABC Honolulu)

MTV’s Video Music Awards introduced fans a to spectrum of performances from some of music’s biggest stars, including Taylor Swift, Missy Elliot, Miley Cyrus and Lil Nas X. And, “it also honored them, with Swift earning multiple awards, including one for video of the year. Lil Nas X’s ‘Old Town Road’ earned him an award for song of the year. (CBS)”

The annual VMA ceremony occurs just before the end of summer and typically held in either late August or mid-September. Broadcasting live on MTV; the awards show also presents globally via simulcasts along with MTV’s sister networks, helping to nullify in-house competition. The first ever VMAs ceremony occurred summer 1984 with hosting by New York City’s Radio Music Hall.

That hot-girl summer, Madonna performed her hit “Like a Virgin” donning a combination bustier/wedding gown, included by her trademark “Boy Toy” belt. Her performance gained global recognition breaking barriers for feminine expressivity and notably remembered for a then explicit floor dance as the Queen of Pop tumbled across stage, revealing a lacy stocking set and garter. Cyndi Lauper spoke in “Exorcist-esque gibberish” to explain the VMA rules before winning the Best Female video category for “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”. David Bowie, The Beatles and director Richard Lester received the first ever Video Vanguard Awards for their work in pioneering the music video.

“Missy Elliott received [2019] [Michael Jackson] Video Vanguard award in celebration of her decades long, genre-bending career, making her the first female emcee to be awarded the distinction. She was applauded by fellow artists and gave a show-stopping performance showcasing a slew of hits and even featured ‘Work It’ dancer Alyson Stoner” (CBS).

The ceremonies, normally held in either New York City or Los Angeles, give patrons and fans a summer’s ending to remember. Other hosting cities, have over the years, included popular summer travel destinations such as Miami and Las Vegas. The 2019 MTV Video Music Awards took place Sunday night August 26th in Newark, New Jersey for the first time.

“While away from home his primary focus is geared towards some of his many ongoing world leadership projects such as Los Angeles Industry Ambassador for UNICEF, United Nations Young Leaders Consulate, ASCAP Ambassador to the United States Congress, as well as his engagements in a variety of projects abroad. Universal NBC News Washington D.C. [associate] Shomari Stone confirmed, ‘DeWayne has been involved in many non-profit projects and works closely with a variety of government agencies in the United States and overseas promoting populous welfare through the creative arts’.” (Bloomberg)

In between his summer vacation travels, Leland DeWayne was witnessed backstage while attending the 2019 Teen Choice Awards presented by FOX Network, on Los Angeles, California’s Hermosa Beach. The event, held August 11th, is the first open-air venue featuring for the awards show. “TMZ uncovered he attended the Awards in support of local friend Zendaya Coleman after attending the Lollapalooza Music Festival and Crop Over Festival earlier, the week prior.” (NBC)

“[He] is also a stakeholder and partner in renewable energy technologist Elon Musk’s Tesla and SpaceX companies” (Armani Japan).

After 2019’s MTV VMAs, the executive spent the night in Newark, leaving privately the following afternoon. Last Wednesday, Leland DeWayne had dinner at New York’s Japanese-style Torishin eatery footing $160 a meal. Witnessed Thursday at several prominent financial institutions in Manhattan, the director’s visit to the Big Apple including the United Nations Headquarters and later the Waffles and Dinges food truck near Central Park. He is a known frequenter of both surrounding his involvement as Ambassador and serving the 2030 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

During a backstage interview involving the MTV awards’ event sponsored media staff, Leland Yeshua DeWayne disclosed a limited array of his summer activities aside his personal commitments and local Hollywood friendships, stating

“It has been an extremely busy summer for me. Outside of what social media and mainstream may have disclosed, I have entered into a sum of engagements with NASA, SpaceX, and the Space Center.

These engagements and fulfillments are centered around the music and entertainment markets’ placement within the developing Space Industry and Marketplace. Furthermore, I am currently working with various technology groups in California, Alabama, and Texas around several patents with one of them being a gravitationally reintroduced sup-atmospheric SpaceArena or Space Events Coliseum …like Station.

I have entered into agreements with several representatives of various continental African Governments regarding increasing raw precious metals and gemstone imports into the United States.”

The executive spent the majority of summer’s latter months traveling domestically. In August he visited his U.S. home region attending the popular Mid-West held Lollapalooza Festival in Chicago. Universal/Republic Records artist Ariana Grande was present as well, stopping by to debut her new single “Boyfriend” with Social House while on break from her world touring schedule.

L.Y. DeWayne left Chicago Sunday, August 2nd after traveling the commonality’s historically gruesome, yet captivatingly-majestic, skyline and surrounding landscape via helicopter, later posting videos on his Instagram.

The Executive Creative Director arrived in Bridgetown, Barbados where he enjoyed a few days stay on the Sandy Lane beaches of the island’s northern side. Attending the 2019 Crop Over Festival as expected, he also dined privately with various guests at the island’s most exclusive restaurants. Speculations broke locally regarding possible meetings with Barbadian born singer Rihanna, who also attended. Through the years, the director remains a bi-annual attendee of the island harvest festival, beginning his client-artist relationship with the singer shortly ahead her Loud album, released February 2010.

While in Barbados, Creative Director Yeshua became questioned by local media journalists, asking if he returned to discuss privately any new and upcoming music material with the Bridgetown born singer. The Executive Ambassador stated, he did attend the event,

“…as always, to support the Island which is my friend’s home. However, I am in the Caribbean meeting with a partner of mine. I have specifics regarding the newly acquired island of Eleuthera, here in the Bahamas. We are constructing a very large-scale city there, called Bertram Village, to bring economic support to the Caribbean in many forms. I will be in the Island Region frequently over the next several years.”

Minor details have emerged regarding Director Yeshua’s current whereabouts. Information has leaked from several media staff, stating he attended Tidal’s: Made in America Festival in Philadelphia over the Labor Day holiday weekend. The former Roc Nation Senior Executive has strayed away from many formal Roc Nation events, including the company’s annual Grammys brunch, following a self-removal as corporate executive for the sublabel under Universal in 2015. Leland DeWayne exists heavily noted for his creative restructuring, innovative branding, and acquisitions assistance involving transferring the Roc Nation imprint, formally owned by Sony, to Universal Music Group in 2013.

In 2016 the Creative Director began oversight for another Universal Music owned sublabel, Republic Records. The move came shortly after L DeWayne stepped down as UMPG’s President handing the title over the department’s first female head, Jody Gerson, and prevails historical record as the youngest company executive to hold such position. In his ten years at Universal Music Group, Leland DeWayne maintains commitment to the company’s artist catalog and continues to express his devotion to music through direct artist-creative development and varied departmental staff support.




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