Lexy Panterra Releases New Five Track EP

Viral Social Media Sensation and International Recording Artist Releases “A Gemini Valentine”

LOS ANGELES, CA – While Lexy Panttera has been walking A-list celebrity red carpets this past fall, her main focus and passion calls to bring her fans more music. The new five track EP is a very intimate collaboration of what it is like to love and passionately live as a Gemini in the modern world. It makes her accessible and relatable through different themes that rock a person from highs to lows.

The songs include “Cool” where she asks a man if he will ride with Lexy despite what they have both been through and she’s not the girl your used to. “Fck it” is about a guy who needed to really lock it down and not f**k around anymore. “My Love” is very intimate because she wrote it about someone that she felt she could possibly marry. The tone is sensual and starts with saying Lexy wears the perfume the man bought her, knowing he will like it.

“Room” is her father’s favorite stating, “boys don’t tell lies, they just tell the truth but we don’t listen”. The track is racy, fun and sexy. “Want Him Now” is interesting and an example of her being a Gemini because she wrote it feeling a way about a man then didn’t feel the same after. It has an upbeat tune great for a casual drive.

The project also has features from Dax and Mozzy who is a major pillar in the music community and has over one million Instagram followers. “A Gemini Valentine” was released on all major music platforms on January 31, 2020. For more information on Lexy Panterra including previous music, videos, and merchandise visit http://LexyPanterra.com

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