Liana Mendoza and Vincent M. Ward Star in Psychological Thriller Social Disturbance

Liana Mendoza and Vincent M. Ward

SEPTEMBER 10, 2021- Mainstage Productions and Eyedeal Image Productions are pleased to announce the screening of feature film, psychological thriller, SOCIAL DISTURBANCE starring Liana Mendoza (American Horror Story, Bones, The L Word: Generation Q) and Vincent M. Ward (Walking Dead, True Blood ), Adam Mendoza (Snowfall) and Gerald ‘Slink’ Johnson (Black Jesus).

The evening of September 10, 2021 the red carpet event will be held in Santa Monica, CA and many celebrities are confirmed to attend including cast members from Ozark, Selena the Series, Orange is the New Black, The Wilds, The Resident and several others.

The dynamo Wilson and Mendoza decided to make a film about the pandemic, during the pandemic, to speak to the minds of all of us suffering through such a tremendously challenging time. The feature screenplay came to fruition when Mendoza agreed that she would do a  film with Wilson under one condition: she could play a serial killer. After starring in several tv shows and feature films, Mendoza felt ready to step into leading lady territory. “It’s something I always wanted to do and knew I would eventually give myself the chance to  do. This was the perfect time to get it done.” “The character challenged me in many ways”

LaRae Wilson went to work on the screenplay, immediately creating a strong female voice. Amber Cook, film investor and Executive Producer states “she knew anything she touched would turn to gold”. Upon deciding to write the script for Mendoza and also produce the film LaRae states “Liana Mendoza and I have worked together previously and I remember her strong spirit. I knew she would kill it…” pun intended.

“To say this past year has been different is an understatement. Life as we knew it will never be the same going forward” adds, a silent investor. “When the opportunity to invest into this production was offered to me I jumped at it! It felt like a win, win and a chance to be a part of history which will be written in the books forever.” Executive Producers: LaRae Wilson and Liana Mendoza, first partnered on this venture after an introduction by Marie Lemelle.

The film is set to release  to the public later this year. For any questions or updates please email