Life Coach Offers Direction in Troubled Times


Bend, OR – As a US based, certified life coach, Shannon Conway encourages people to make positive changes in their life. As a helping professional, she has assisted many clients with her training program that combines both aligned awakening and practical tools. She considers her coaching style as compassionate, precise, and gentle for taking incremental action steps in one’s life. Her training course helps people see a fresh perspective in life. And she teaches them ways to move forward with a goal-oriented approach to life. Shannon engages her clients in conversations and also asks them some thought-provoking questions to challenge and help evaluate their values and beliefs.

“During these difficult times due to the COVID-19 crisis, we are facing a great deal of uncertainty that may evoke worry, stress, and fear for the future. With a life coaching program, individuals can learn ways to alleviate their stress, panic, and fear. Meanwhile, I help them learn how to clearly identify their purpose in life, to get back on track. It is really essential for humans to stay focused to regain control of their lives while learning and growing. Even during such difficult, even historic times,” Conway said. “By clarifying their purpose in life and accepting their truth, they can then work towards making a positive change in life. My aim is to help each of my clients discover the positive change that can help them become a better version of themselves. Because in order to live their truth and find purpose and clarity, changes need to be made. My goal is to help people discover those changes and become the best version of themselves, regardless of what’s the situation in the world or their surroundings.”

Shannon became a life coach after extensive studies in meditation, digestive wellness, mind-body medicine, and creativity. Through her many years of experience as a professional mastermind coaching, her proficiency as a leader encouraged her to assist many others facing life-changing situations or any troubles in their life.

Her focus is on making people realize the significance of self-awareness and moving forward in life. If one is aware of what they are and what exactly they want from life, it becomes easier for them to improve many of the most important aspects of their life. By digging into one’s own roots with the process of self-exploration, people can discover the purpose and their truth.

Shannon’s life-changing coaching program offers clients various transformational tools to improve their life for good. Every program offers clients with amazing transformational tools that help them find new opportunities in life. She also encourages clients to participate actively during her one-on-one coaching sessions. Each session is about identifying the important steps in life to make positive changes in lives, as individuals start their self-exploration journey to achieve their purpose.

In order to help as many people as possible during the COVID-19 crisis, Shannon has shifted her coaching practice to focus heavily on remote life coaching and remote life coach training. And by offering online life coaching and online life coach training, she is able to help her clients grow in the safest, most convenient way possible.

About Shannon Conway Coaching:

I am Shannon Conway a professional and certified life coach. I have created The Course, a life coaching training program equipped with practical tools to help align self-awakening in individuals. After extensive studies in creativity, meditation, digestive wellness, and mind-body medicine, I started coaching peers in a gentle but compassionate manner.

After seeing the transformation in their own life, many of my clients join my life coach training program once their healing process is complete. My clients include coaches, corporations, businesses, and yoga teachers. With my coaching programs, clients achieve high-level guidance along with practical homework to improve their lives for good.

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