Life Design by Life Designers LLC, A Premier Financial Planning and Lifestyle Agency, Reshapes Lives with Exclusive Marketing Structure and Service Offerings


East Stroudsburg, PA – Life Design by Life Designers LLC, a professional financial planning and lifestyle agency, is helping people across the country change their lives and live the futures they imagine. With professional lifestyle advisors, resources, and wealth-growing marketing structures, clients nationwide are building strong relationships to reimagine their physical, mental, and financial situations.

Helping people better their lifestyles through life design, Life Design by Life Designers LLC helps its clients change and create wealth through a unique multilevel marketing formula and platform. A revolutionary tool for unlocking the future of one’s dreams, Life Design gives clients access to a variety of benefits, including exclusive access to personal growth and business or entrepreneurship books and book clubs, informational podcasts, service vendor discounts, and personal mentorship and wealth creation formulas. Recognizing there is no one-size-fits-all approach, Life Design pursues innovative, customized solutions for clients that prioritize their unique lifestyles, habits, and financial positions.

With an intricate marketing system, members are organized through a triangle structure to achieve exponential wealth growth in a matter of seconds. By working with friends, family, and community members, Life Designers manage to uplift and create wealth and put clients ahead of the game with a low initial fee and monthly membership. As part of the new platform, clients referring members further gain access to exclusive services, memberships, workshops, and masterclass programs. For exclusive rates and details, please

A one-stop-shop for lifestyle transformation, Life Design guides clients through financial overhauls with a variety of services, including credit repair, credit design, loan funding, income stream management, and investing, with positive lifestyle changes simultaneously delivered through health and fitness programs and one-on-one guidance.

Helping clients take control of their finances with confidence and expertise, Life Design by Life Designers is accomplishing what few financial planning and lifestyle agencies have done before. To learn more, or to get involved with Life Design’s revolutionary multilevel marketing formula and platform, please visit

About Life Designers 

Life Designers is a professional financial planning and lifestyle agency. Established in 2015 by a group of entrepreneurs, Life Designers is headquartered in The Poconos, Pennsylvania, with regional offices in Laguna Beach, Miami, and Atlanta. Employing a professional team, Life Designers is dedicated to improving the mind and body so clients can reach their goals with the best possible mental, physical, and financial conditions. 

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Company Name: Life Designers LLC
Contact Person: Wes Moussignac / Mario Gonzalez
Phone: 570.216.8211
Address: Headquartered 562 Independence Road, East Stroudsburg PA 18360 USA
Country: United States