Lignum Custom Design Co. Discover The Brand That Gives A Second Life To Wood In The USA

Renowned Cuban businessman dedicated to custom millwork and furniture manufacturing drives recycling & reclaimed wood repurposing in Miami

LIGNUM owner with a background in restoring of works of art creates ecological awareness throughout the US

MIAMI – In the midst of the strong pandemic plaguing the world, Cuban businessman Nelson Paredes continues to work towards the health of the environment and promotes sustainable awareness and eco friendly production throughout the country, thanks to his company LIGNUM Custom Woodwork, the brand with which he has made significant advances in the United States and the rest of the world, he gives thanks to his contacts with hotel chains such as Hilton, The Ritz-Carlton, EPIC, The Breakers, Marriott, to name a few; and iconic theaters like the Fillmore at Jackie Gleason, in Miami Beach.

Working hand in hand with some of the best architects and designers in the country, the art restorer with a specialty in stained glass & wood arches offers personalized products to his clients, and although he does not design spaces, through his unmatched resources he can manufactures everything necessary to realize the clients vision.

The Lignum brand recently added to it’s professional portfolio by incorporating decorative flowerpots made from reclaimed wood. In multiple shapes, sizes, and techniques, these “Cube” -style pieces have become an example of creativity and ecological awareness for the entire world.

“It all started because after finishing one my projects I realized that I had a lot of waste material left. So I took on the task of repurposing the material left over and little by little I learned about recycling,“ said Paredes, who built a true work of art at Bodega Sobe – a nightclub located in Miami Beach – built with reclaimed wood and famous for its unique style and antiquity.

Thanks to projects like these, LIGNUM has been able to give a second life to wood, always respecting the essence of this material and its own style, since, for Paredes, this becomes a metaphor because the wood is reborn, since the Plant pots hold live plants and, moreover, are made by reusing a material that had been discarded and brought back to life.

Bringing in wood from all over the United States, LIGNUM’s production is 100% made in Miami. The company works with all kinds of materials and stands out for projecting each of its works in an artistic way.

When a client cannot find who will make their furniture to custom measures, they come to us. Whoever buys something from us knows where the material comes from, how old the wood is that was used and how it was worked to get to where it is, that is a quality certification that no one can match, “he concluded about his exclusive work with which he continues innovating the spaces of its clients, transcending the limits of art and interior design.





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