Livin Legendz Clothing, Co Host Digital Soft Launch for Holidays Introducing Livin Legendz Clothing Company, LLC – Lifestyle Apparel and Merchandise


Livin Legendz Clothing, Company LLC is an American, Lifestyle apparel and merchandising company based out of Pittsburgh, PA. While COVID-19 has us home, Livin Legendz Clothing, Co has been creating quality and comfortable clothing that’s reasonably priced. “Why shouldn’t we all look good and cozy while we’re stuck in the house? People still want to look good and original while they’re on their FaceTime, Snapchat, and Zoom video chats with friends and family”. says, LeSean Gordon CEO and President of Livin Legendz Clothing Co.

Our clothing and products are inspired by all the Legendz past and present, those individuals who’ve made a legendary impact on our society. The Livin Legendz clothing brand was created with the intent of providing the most optimal consumer experience, from our choices in fabrics to all of our various print designs.

Based out of Pittsburgh, PA., LeSean Gordon has created this new fashion brand, Livin Legendz (, which specializes in creating and designing custom t-shirts and clothing. Livin Legendz product line will be extensive and will include items such as; T-shirts, Hats, Jackets, Bags, Jeans, Hoodies, Accessories, and Merchandise. Livin Legendz Clothing, Clothing, Co. caters to all ages from babies to adults.

In light of the upcoming holiday’s Livin Legendz Clothing, Co is offering “Free Shipping” on select items to the first 50 shoppers and 50% on special Livin Legendz items. We feel it’s important to consider the financial situations of so many people affected by COVID-19 across the globe. This is the reason, Livin Legendz Clothing Co will be donating some of our proceeds to local shelters and community organizations to show our support. For more information about Livin Legendz Clothing, Co or its affiliates please feel visit us at





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