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London rising pop star Belhassen Kadim announces lead single off debut EP Take You to Hell will be called “Jada”

Debut EP will be a combination of 80s dance-pop, rock pop, dark pop, and R&B trap pop music

London, UK – London rising pop artist Belhassen Kadim has officially announced that the lead single off his debut EP Take You to Hell will be called “Jada”. The track comes from the rising pop musician’s long-awaited first release, which should hit music streaming sites this year. 

Belhassen began working on Take You to Hell in 2021, spending hours deciding about the songs and preparing them for release. Take You to Hell is a combination of 80s dance-pop, rock pop, dark pop, and R&B trap pop music, making it an eclectic mix of music. Belhassen’s hypnotic vocals glide across the music.

“Jada” is a fantastic example of the music listeners will hear on the EP. Belhassen has already launched a teaser video for Take You to Hell, giving listeners the chance to sample the lead single on YouTube

The rising artist experienced a variety of medical issues while creating Take You to Hell. He was left temporarily unable to walk following an operation. Belhassen couldn’t record new music and drifted into a state of depression. He also endured Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) disorders, preventing him from singing. The issues caused further delays to Belhassen’s debut EP. Now, fully healed, Belhassen is ready for the world to hear his songs. All of the issues Belhassen experienced went into the making of the EP.

Belhassen used religion and good versus evil as the influence for “Jada”. The single is about Satan and his followers. Those followers are the individuals that people encounter every day, who thrive on jealousy and broken dreams. Take You to Hell is in the final stages and Belhassen promises fans it will drop once it is completed. 

Unlike record companies who can invest millions in an artist and their music, Belhassen has proven that you don’t need a lot of money behind you to become a success. He started his career using secondhand equipment until he could afford to purchase better equipment. One of the struggles that the young artist faced was the criticism and the jealousy of others.

Belhassen who want to influence others to follow their dreams and never give up said: “It’s a shame how some people spread jealousy just because they are not talented like you. Talent is a gift from God and I’m very grateful for all of his blessings to me in life. In contrast, jealousy is related to Satan not to humans so jealous people are Satan’s followers and everyone knows the story of Satan and his jealousy to prophet Adam and humans since God created us”.

The Londoner is hoping to collaborate with well-known pop artists in the future that include Ava Max, Ariana Grande, and Zara Larsson.

Fans can watch the “Jada” teaser trailer on YouTube. Fans can learn more about Kadim on SoundCloud and Instagram.

About The Album

The debut EP will be very influenced by the artist religion. The Cover art concept will have Islamic influences. For example, the first teaser is influenced by Prophet Lot when he is escaping from Sodom and Gomorrah.

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