Luces Rasmussen- The business man of America


Luces Rasmussen – I been with my fiance for 4 years and we have beautiful 3 year old together. We are trying become famous at tiktok. Miracle161824 and hopeanddreams25 . Please like and follow and share!!! With support God and friends we can make this place a better place! I love My family very much Luced states!

He has been a customer service business man for 8 years with work force of 12 years. The 25 year old thrives to be best car salesman he can be!. Luces hopes to be a real estate agent one day and wants to share his passion on tiktok hopeanddreams25 . He also has beautiful fiance that also has tiktok miracle161824 . She and he hope to get 100 k followers and verified. He has great resume and cover letter. Hopes to share passion and love through God and his family!