M-Tray® – The Perfect Way To Create A Green Roof


A successful installation will ensure that you install a perfect green roof which is designed for longevity along with being future-proofed.

Our M-Tray® green roof system consists of specially-designed modular trays containing superior, engineered substrate and fully established flowering sedum.

How to Install the Perfect Green Roof

The Wallbarn M-Tray® offers a great way of providing an attractive, useful, environmentally-friendly open space on otherwise ‘lost’ flat roofs and on podium decks.

Our M-Tray® has been specifically designed to make the installation of green roofs quick and easy – with minimum disruption to the plants and the structure they are going onto – and to provide a seamless, verdant finish – an instant and sustainable green roof.

Read on to see how to install the perfect green roof below.

A Simple Process

Below you will find the basic steps for successfully installing a modular green roof.

M-Tray® modules are transported to site on strapped pallets for easy, clean delivery. They can then be craned safely onto the roof if necessary.

  • Unpacking the pallets is a simple process. None of the contents will spill out and each module can be carried by one person.
  • A separation and filtration geotextile layer should be first installed. This protects the waterproofing and prevents abrasive damage. Wallbarn usually supplies a 300gsm recycled fleece for this purpose
  • Start from the middle of the green roof and work outwards towards the edges. Place a module down and then click the next into place. There are two connection points on two sides of each module. Once connected up on all four sides, the module will be secured on all four sides.
  • An aluminium edge trim can be added to any exposed edges or where the stones need to held away from objects such as drainage outlets.
  • The modular sections mean detailing around objects is a simple process and clean lines are created. Hard landscaping sections such as paving and decking, mounted onto Wallbarn pedestals, can be added to the area to allow for regular access. As everything is suspended on top of the deck, drainage is uninterrupted.

Modular M-Trays® can be easily lifted out giving access to the deck without disruption to the rest of the roof.

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