Marshall IL; Small town programmer makes big waves amid Covid-19 hackathon


In times where false information and a worldwide health pandemic are on the rise, one local company is easing the COVID-19 rush with a new interactive website.

Net Diatom LP, a multimedia company from central Illinois is putting Marshall Illinois in Clark county on the map. Programmer and software developer Jeremy D Higgs and his team have formulated the most up to date and visual information regarding the virus with proof of it’s data source.

If you navigate to the teams new website you will see “Tableau Aggregated Coronavirus Data Set in use”. Tableau put together a data set including COVID-19 data from the World Health Organization, Johns Hopkins, and NextStrain and was made available as a resource for Devpost’s hackathon series in cooperation to team against COVID-19.

Net Diatom opened up in December 2019 in the downtown area or Marshall, IL, a town with only around 4000 residents that borders the State of Indiana. Until the most recent participation, Net Diatom was most noted for creating a Free Wifi program available to the public in Marshall, IL.

Higgs hopes to help flatten the curve with his new project and would like to mention his team that helped complete the project for the hackathon submission.

A recent visit to the headquarters of Net Diatom turned up empty when a note hanging on the front door stated the company was shut down due to the virus until further notice. Net Diatom is hoping to be able to open it’s doors back up soon and is located at 123 S 6th St, Marshall IL, 62441.

“We launched and we’re expecting great things in our first 6 months prior to everything coming crashing to a halt” said Higgs during a comment. Feeling optimistic in the next few months, Net Diatom was located in the Aon Center below Microsoft in downtown Chicago prior to their move to central IL.

Net Diatom LP