Meet talented dancer Kimberly John aka Kimmie J, a must-follow for hottest dance videos


There’s something so invigorating about rhythms and beats that travel from the toes to the fingertips. If you live and breathe dance, you want to constantly be inspired for new dances, costumes, or new tricks to try. A good way to get inspired is by seeing some of favorite dancers on social media like talented Kimmie x J.

Dancer and entertainer Kimberly Nicole also known as Kimmie x J is one of the many new, well-known dancers to combine new dance techniques with traditional influences. Dancers interested in combining their world-dance experience should take note. Kimmie’s unique blend of styles crosses genres and boundaries. Her choreography is raw emotion captured in small, precise movements and moments of vulnerability.

Kimmie is passionate about dancing and everything connected to it. Do you need motivation? How about a push to get started? Still can`t seem to get past your own limits? Make sure you follow this incredible and inspiring dancer on Instagram. She does what she likes and dances her passion. Kimberly dedicates herself to training hard and enjoys doing it. Such talented person will definitely make you want to become the best version of yourself. Now that videos are becoming increasingly popular on Instagram, kimmie is a must follow for all dance lovers all over the world.

You may also want to check out her YouTube channel where you will find lots of interesting videos she has been featured in and solos she has choreographed. She has been working with many talented people in the industry, and she has been featured in multiple official music videos.

Original content is most impactful when it’s directly in the hands of the people who care about it most. Kimmie is one of the hardest working people on the internet, as she able to alloy a range of different skills together from video production, art direction and obviously choreography to create regular viral content. To celebrate the creativity, ingenuity and passion of this dynamic individual working hard to shape our collective movement vocabularies with new steps and choreographies, follow her on instagram now at

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