Meet The Women Of Rockhill Publishing For National Women’s History Month

Authors have wide range of genres with their works

Rockhill Publishing LLC, which was founded on the principle that “a new writer is no less talented than one who has been published for years,” has continued with their mission of publishing writers of all genres. Their women authors have much to offer for readers interested in all types of stories.


Barbara Harrison is a woman who loves telling stories and started with writing scripts for plays and poetry. This love for words then extended into a passion for acting and bringing the written word to life. As a hopeless romantic, she mostly enjoyed reading books about “true love” and finding a “soulmate.”

After twenty-seven years of marriage, Harrison became a widow and with the encouragement of her friends, began writing again. With support from her friends, Harrison continued with her dream, resulting in her novel, Get Out Now!, now sold through Rockhill Publishing, Nook, Kindle on Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

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Growing up, you were just as likely to find Haley playing outside as you were to find her with her nose in a book. She particularly enjoys stories focusing on worlds of magic and adventure.

Often joking that she’s part mermaid, Haley pursued a marine biology degree from the University of North Carolina Wilmington, graduating in 2017. She then proceeded to attend the University of Miami, earning a Master of Professional Science in marine conservation in 2019.

With an English father and an Italian-American mother, Haley had a colorful upbringing in Charlotte, North Carolina, which she has accentuated by traveling as much as she can. She also enjoys SCUBA dives whenever possible.

She says her biggest inspiration for writing is that she simply needs her characters to be quiet, so she can think. Currently, she divides her time between writing, scuba diving, her loving friends and family, and working for a water quality lab at Florida International University.

Her fantasy novel, Nanagin, follows Keegan Digore in a mystical place.


Athina Paris, RockHill Publishing LLC’s Editor-in-Chief, has authored four novels, all exploring the depths of relationships, love dynamics, and the consequences of obsession.

Paris, born in Mozambique but educated in South Africa, lived her formative years in the confines of strict convents and boarding schools. To escape, she would dream of exotic locations and developed a deep curiosity about life and people. Taking refuge in libraries and bookstores, she became an avid reader and storyteller.

Her published works allow readers to travel vicariously on voyages of self-discovery, while dealing with catastrophic love lives and an imperfect world.

Paris’ books include Love & Madness, Knight Kisses, When Dani Smiles, and All I Ever Wanted Jessie.

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