Mending Broken Pieces, Inc. Launches Dream Connect, a Website of Resource For Homeless Youth and Young Adult


Dream Connect is a free website of resource for homeless youth and young adults (ages 14-24) to get access to  information on basic needs like  food, shelter, education opportunities, and many more. Dream Connect will be released on September 21, 2020

Mending Broken Pieces, Inc., a non-profit organization, will launch the Dream Connect website ( on September 21, 2020. Dream Connect was originally known as Dream Machine, launched in May 2019. But it has updated its design and content under the new name Dream Connect.  Dream Connect provides comprehensive information on shelter, food, healthcare, mental healthcare, opportunities for high school, colleges, universities, technical training, and help to escape human trafficking.

According to Mending Broken Pieces founder, there is a stigma attached to homelessness that can silence homeless youth and young adults and make them reluctant to ask for help or tell someone that they are homeless.   Dream Connect helps them access the resources and services that they need and gives them control over to whom and how often they must tell their stories of homelessness.

According to the data, as many as 4.2 million youth and young adults experience homelessness nationally, and 700,00 are unaccompanied minors, and in Georgia the number of homeless students has increased every year since the 2011-12 academic. Homeless youth are vulnerable to abuse, assault, exploitation, and illness. Having a reliable resource like Dream Connect that can be accessed 24/7 without having to repeatedly relive their trauma is important.

Mending Broken Pieces, Inc founder Dr. Wilson says, “I know from personal experience that a dream needs people to believe it, and funds to achieve it.  Dream Connect believes in their dreams and provides resources so they can remain in or go to school to achieve them.

About Mending Broken Pieces, Inc and Dream Connect

Mending Broken Pieces, Inc is a non-profit organization that serves homeless youth and young adults struggling to stay in or go to school. The founder Dr. Wilson is retired from Howard University and is passionate about homeless youth and young adults’ issues. With Dream Connect, she hopes to give them help to address the constraints they faced in achieving their dreams.

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