Mesa Gold Grillz is helping more people find their shine


Arizona based Mesa Gold Grillz LLC is in the business of smiles. This black owned business created by Shannon Drake (AKA Calicoe G) is on a mission to help ordinary people get access to affordable jewelry customized to their needs.

Mesa Gold Grillz creates all sorts of jewelry, but specializes in Grillz, custom fitted tooth coverings that turn ordinary smiles into beautiful statements. Grillz can help cover imperfections such as chips, missing teeth, or gaps that might otherwise embarrass the wearer.

Grillz are removable and completely harmless to teeth, as long as they are removed before eating, and dental care is still regularly kept up.

Affordable jewelry for all

On any given day, Mesa Gold Grillz LLC has custom jewelry, gold teeth, and a variety of grill options available. Every piece is designed to be affordable, so that regular people aren’t priced out of their confidence.

They have a variety of options for precious metals, including silver, 10-22kt yellow white and rose gold, as well as diamonds to help add some sparkle.

The entire process for a new grill can be done in store, including sizing and casting. Aftercare such as repair and cleaning can also be handled so that you don’t have to go to multiple stores in order to maintain your smile.

Your smile is everything

 Small problems with your teeth can make you self-conscious about smiling. While a gap between your teeth or chipping may not be physically harmful, the number they do on your confidence can be devastating.

Decorative grillz can change that. By adding some shine to your smile, you can have something to be truly proud of when you look in the mirror, instead of a blemish. Grillz should always be made out of precious metals such as gold or silver, to avoid metal-allergic reactions and irritation.

If you have missing teeth, you can also opt to have them replaced with gold teeth. These permanent options fill in the space where your original teeth once were and offer a dazzling shine to accent your smile.

If you’re self-conscious about imperfections in your mouth, a grill can be the perfect way to become the life of the party once again.

Other custom pieces

Although Mesa Gold Grillz LLC focuses mainly on grillz and gold teeth, they also do other types of jewelry, including rings for both men and women and custom pendants. No matter what you dream of, Mesa Gold Grillz can help you achieve your goals.

If you’ve been shocked by mall prices but still want quality goods, Mesa Gold Grillz can help you with all of your fine jewelry needs. Their goal is to bring the best in diamonds, gold, and other precious metals to the average person without the extreme mall pricing most frequently seen.

If you’re interested in checking out what Mesa Gold Grillz has to offer, they are open Monday through Friday 11-6 and on Saturday 12-5. Walk-ins are welcome at their Arizona location, by appointment only at the Las Vegas location. Call 855290GOLD to secure your time slot before visiting if you are visiting the Las Vegas location.