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When two legends work together, a new star is born. In this case, we are talking about Master distiller Dave Pickerell and none other than the sacred monsters of Rock: Metallica.

The new star of the whiskey world is available for online purchase at

Blackened American Whiskey celebrates Metallica’s music and history. When master distiller Dave Pickerell, a rockstar himself in the whiskey world, paired up with Metallica to create the band’s own whiskey, it was a match made in heavens. Dave was already a Metallica fan and the thought of working with his idols made him invest more time and passion.

Thanks to Metallica fans can finally “taste the music”. To drink a glass of band’s branded whiskey while listening to the infamous “Whiskey in The Jar” is a unique experience.

Blackened is a truly revolutionary whiskey that was created by revolutionary means. To say that it represents Metallica is a serious understatement. The precious liquid was created by the band’s music, by a scientific process known as “Black Noise’

Dave Pickerell, along with a team of scientists and Sweet Amber Distilling have used the power of music on the black brandy barrels where Blackened was stored for maturation. Soundwaves impact chemical reactions taking place in the aging whiskey.

“I knew that ultra-low frequency has the energy to move molecules.” – Dave Pickerell

Subwoofers were added and the result was amazing: that whiskey pulled the good caramels and lactones from the insides of the barrel walls much faster than it would normally have. And the flavor is astonishingly different.

Different music provided different results. As anticipated, to each batch of Blackened has allocated a different playlist, handpicked by Metallica’s members. Soon after this discovery, Sweet Amber applied for a patent for the “Black Noise” sonic enhancement process that uses low frequencies to enhance the taste by vibrating the casks with music.

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Tasting profile


  • Nose: The mix of cereals is instantly detected and also, a scent of spice. The bready aroma is enhanced as the liquid breaths air outside the bottle.
  • Palate: Blackened American Whiskey by Metallica is a blend of superior whiskeys, ryes, and already mature bourbons which are finished in black brandy barrels. The sonic-enhancement process allows the whiskey to quickly catch the residual flavors left behind in the barrel. Each batch has unique flavors. Blackened 081 is spicy, with hints of honey apricot, cinnamon allspice clove, and mint. Blackened 85 is sweeter, smoother, and tastes best straight.
  • Finish: The long and gentle finish is very creamy with tones of vanilla, cherry and oak. A really pleasant sensorial journey from beginning to end.

“As the ligaments in the wood break down, they form six different compounds that all taste and smell like vanilla – one actually is vanilla. If you can cause the interaction between the whiskey and the wood to be enhanced by sonic vibration, you can cause the whiskey to pull extra goodies out of the wood.” Ultimately, he says, it gives the beverage a deeper caramel note.” – Dave Pickerell


About Sweet Amber Distilling Co.

The company was created by Metallica with the sole purpose of producing and bottling a drink that will represent the band’s style. Guided by Dave Pickerell and a team of scientists, the company has created “Blackened” through a revolutionary process that involves both science and music.  After Pickerell’s sudden departure, in November 2018, the company has decided to continue the grand master’s legacy. Sweet Amber plans to open a new distillery in San Francisco in 2019. The new distillery will be called “Dave Pickerell”.

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