Michael Soward Talks About His New Book Love, What It Is, What It IS Not


There have been tens of thousands of films made about love, including Love Actually, The Notebook, Love Jones, and Casablanca. With the 129,864,880 books that have been written, millions of those are about love. But one book that is gaining attention is a new e-book written by Michael Soward.

Michael Soward new book is not a romantic comedy, nor is it a book that sees a man and a woman glaring across the room at each other with a marriage proposal at the end. This new book called Love, What It Is, What It IS Not, tackles one of the most complicated subjects on the planet, what is love?

We decided to speak to Michael Soward to find out more about his new book, this is what he had to say.

Where did you get the idea or inspiration to write this e-book? I was in a situation with a mate which I’ve dealt with for many years, plus the Sad State of Affairs via Global Politics really bothers me, even to this day!

What do you mean? Well! we all talk about falling in love (me included) loving other folk, loving causes, loving our mates most of which is all a big juicy lie!

Can you explain a bit more? Real true, raw love is a “God Given Force” and has nothing to do with many of the day to day things we find ourselves involved in!

Why do you think you’re qualified to write on this topic? I was raised in a Christian home by my Grandmother, my Mom passed away when I was a few months shy of 2 years old…so I’m told. (I Don’t even have a photo of my Mom, God Rest Her Soul). Real Love is a Powerful Invisible God Force!

What is your suggested solution to this Global problem? God is Love! That really says it all. When we tinker with earthly stuff and pretend that it’s love we will constantly miss the mark of What life is all about! Hey! There’s even a scripture that says-Love Your Enemies!

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