Midtown Group To Host Town Hall Regarding Katie Janness Murder Case


Group Is Calling For Complete Release Of Information By Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens


(Atlanta, Georgia)


A diverse grass roots based group is hosting a town hall on the Katie Janness murder investigation on January 8, 2022 at 5pm at the well known Midtown hotspot Blake’s. The group is seeking to obtain full and accurate information on the status of the investigation due to conflicting reports from the media concerning crucial elements of the case. The group has invited newly elected Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens, city council President Doug Shipman, and Atlanta Police Chief Rodney Bryant to attend the conference and address the community’s concerns directly.

The group is comprised of members of the LGBT community, crime experts, and Atlanta residents concerned about the skyrocketing and chronic homicide rate that has engulfed the city for over a decade which has led to the ultra wealthy enclave of Buckhead seeking to leave Atlanta and form its own city. The formation of the group was spurred by the November 2021 release of the coroner’s autopsy report that Ms. Janness suffered over 50 stab and slash wounds in the attack that took place at the very popular Piedmont Park. The group was further spurred to action after the IHEART Radio program “Body Bags” hosted by former Fulton County Georgia Medical Examiner Joseph Scott Morgan revealed even more extremely disturbing details of the autopsy report. According to one expert it is highly unlikely that the Atlanta Police Department has not reached a conclusion as to who the perpetrator of the crime is.

The group was further spurred to hold the town hall after the statements of former Atlanta homicide detective, and star of TVOne’s “ATL Homicide” David Quinn regarding the crime. Mr. Quinn publicly stated in a Fox 5 Atlanta interview that the behavior of the Atlanta Police Department (APD) is highly unusual, and that there should be full transparency in the case. The group also cites the conflicting statements put forth in the media by the APD and others directly involved in the case. The organization also cites the need to address the endless rumors surrounding the case ranging from serial killer involvement to the rumors that APD detectives are being blocked from solving the case by the current administration.

The group will also introduce new and unknown information to the town hall attendees from independent experts and suggest changes in the way Atlanta addresses crime and homicide cases. These measures include doubling the police force, installing thousands of new surveillance cameras, and instituting crime fighting and power sharing measures in order to prevent a domino effect of communities such as Midtown seeking to join Buckhead in breaking away from the city.






IHEART RADIO BODY BAGS EPISODE ON KATIE JANNESS CASE https://www.iheart.com/podcast/269-body-bags-with-joseph-scot-87375583/episode/murder-in-p iedmont-park-89466604/?fbclid=IwAR3dhlUasROGG7sGpnLFCIL6GR1yAYlB0CaWbbMz3P3O OywsYusWDUQLtu8