Millennium Carpets and Flooring Alerts Carpet Owners To Hidden Dangers


Long Beach Ca – October 26 2019 – Millennium Carpets and Flooring is heralded by many as Long Beach’s premier carpet and floor cleaning service. The company’s years long relationship with home and business owners in the Long Beach area thrives thanks to unparalleled customer service and a commitment to satisfaction. In keeping with this commitment, the company now seeks to educate carpet owners on dangers of leaving carpets dirty.

“So many carpet owners believe that a simple vacuuming is enough to keep their carpets clean. Very few are aware of what lies and lives within their dirty carpets. Sure, vacuuming helps but its merely the tip of the carpet cleaning iceberg. Aside from accumulated dirt in a carpet, dust mites thrive in neglected carpeting. Pet hair also lingers and can trigger allergic reactions as can the dead skin that falls from both people and pets. There are also insect husks, bacteria, and mold residing in carpets that have gone without regular professional cleanings.” says Millennium owner James Presley.

Utilizing industrial grade cleaning tools and solutions, Millennium Carpets and Flooring removes debris and lingering odors from all types of carpet. In the process the company restores dulled and subdued carpets to a vibrant and new-like state. With allergens and debris removed from their carpets, homes and businesses instantly become much healthier places. Persons working and living within them will no longer be exposed to things that can cause allergy flare ups and/or act as the catalyst for diseases and disorders such as asthma.

“Left uncleaned for even short periods of time, carpeting can grow mold and other volatile organic compounds. All of these are detrimental to the health of persons, their pets, and their customers. Having your carpets cleaned just twice a year by a professional will keep your home or place of business free of these issues.” further adds Mr. Presley.

About Millennium Carpets and Flooring

Millennium Carpets and Flooring is Long Beach carpet cleaning service that has been operating more than 20 years. The company’s owners are on site at every job to ensure both quality and efficiency of work and to foster peace of mind in its customers. Both its residential and commercial work are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee that sees the company return to re-clean carpets at no additional charge should a customer find themselves unhappy with their work.