MiniUSDC Introduces Revolutionary, Crypto-Based Wallet Chat Platform


Leading cryptocurrency coin announces launch of decentralized mobile application Cryptogram to provide seamless communication services and unified user-experience. It will be a game changer for traders in the cryptospace


September 3, 2021. For Immediate Release.


MiniUSDC ($MINIUSDC), the new biggest USDC token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), is excited to be launching the first-ever crypto-based social media platform (walletchat), Cryptogram. This mobile application will allow users to chat anonymously wallet-to-wallet, track top gainers on the platform, and create their own discussion channels, among many other innovative features.

Despite technology, especially technology in the crypto-sphere, rapidly decentralizing, the communication center for users on the internet remains highly centralized. Cryptogram focuses its efforts on embracing the true democratization of correspondence in tech, therefore decentralizing wallet holder communication through the app without surrendering compatibility with current protocols. With Cryptogram, users can enjoy a safer, faster, truly decentralized communication experience.

Without compromising the user’s identity or security, Cryptogram presents a completely new method of communicating for wallet holders. While interacting with the platform, users can anonymously chat on an encrypted system with any other wallet. Further, token owners are enabled to send announcements to holders or selected holders.

Through the app, users can create their own channels through which they will be able to earn ancillary income if they decide to institute a subscription for other users, if they wish. There will be an available leaderboard on which the community can follow and track top and bottom trader wallets and trends, therefore strengthening token owners’ knowledge with insider information. Top traders on the app have the ability to gain followers, buy unique or tradable usernames, and collect subscription fees. Cryptogram is the only existing platform on which users get direct access to successful top traders, while keeping anonymity of all intact.

Cryptogram will generate revenue through utilization of targeted advertisements and a 15% tax for paid subscription channels, which will be reduced as the market cap increases.

Cryptogram provides endless possibilities for users to learn, grow, and connect. Above all, this community of users and investors will continue receiving MiniUSDC native token, and therefore automatic USDC. The robust tokenomics model for MiniUSDC includes a 20% tax fee, a 10% reward for holders, and 5% return for liquidity and buy back. 60% of the cryptogram profits will be rewarded to the miniUSDC holders.

The symbiotic relationship between MiniUSDC and Cryptogram will provide its community with the most trustworthy and proactive crypto-communication experience the market has ever witnessed. To learn more about Cryptogram, you can access the available Whitepaper here.


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