Mithun Hariharan – Winner “Best of Asia” interviewed by InterContinental Music Awards


The musical band from Netherlands who believes music has no language, recently released “Invest In You” – announced the ‘Winner – Best Of Asia’ at the Intercontinental awards 2020.

InterContinental Music Awards (ICMA) interviewed Mithun Hariharan (Co-founder Madras Chorus) who won consecutively in 2019 and 2020.

Watch the full interview below:

“Invest in you” is Composed by: Harikrishnan Kesavan, Mithun Hariharan & Rajesh Cherthala

Flute: Rajesh Cherthala
Vocals: Harikrishnan Kesavan
Bass: Trisha Jayadev
Percussion: Adarsha KS
Keys/Orchestration: Mithun Hariharan

InterContinental Music Awards started in 2011 as InterContinental Concerts series and has become recognized for music and live concerts with focus on cultural diversity and unity.

Over the past decade, ICMA recognized music talents from different countries (From East Asia to Mediterranean Rim, Africa, Europe and America) and rewarded them by producing high-quality music for them as well as taking them on the big stages in front of thousands of audiences during multi-cultural live events.

ICMA supports and promote good music and talented musicians, offering musicians around the world the chance to be awarded for their hard efforts regardless of their ethnicity, nationality, color or race. Therefore ICMA awards cater to music from all seven continents as well as regions or countries with restricted music freedom.

ICMA’s goal is to evaluate music beyond billboard standard grounds from a global and ethnical perspective by professionally trained panel of judges and reward the winners with education and prizes.

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Invest in you – Propagates the message that we have to search within, to identify with ourselves and make time to recover from the morose mundane and purposeless life that we are livingand gravitate towards a healthier, fulfilling and satisfying life.

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‘Invest In You‘ was also the 2020’s First Raga of the Week broadcasted by BBC & Honored by GLOBAL MUSIC Awards

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Instagram: @madraschorus

Twitter: MadrasChorus

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