MIX AMORE Dating App Adds Video Chat To Increase Positive Dating Experience


Mix Amore

One of the most talked-about dating apps that improve the experience of finding love and friendship has now added Video Chat to their dating platform.


A new Multicultural and “True” interracial dating app which has become one of the most talked-about dating apps in the world has added a new feature to improve how people interact with each other. MIX AMORE, has added a Video Chat feature that allows people to speak freely with each other.


The new video chat feature which shows why MIX AMORE is one of the most modern and forwarding thinking dating apps available is an important addition. It allows people to interact quicker with a potential date as well as seeing what they really look like and how compatible they are. By being able to see a potential date in real-time, it allows for both parties to see how they get on with each other and if they feel they have that connection.


MIX AMORE introduced the new video chat feature to help people looking for a date and long-term relationship to remove the time wasted dating unsuitable people. A lot of people who go on first dates when meeting through a dating app find they have nothing in common. The new video chat feature removes that problem and increases the positive outcome when going on a first date.


Since the app was launched it has become one of the most successful dating apps available. They are helping single people to meet like-minded people for fun and relationships.


When asked the importance of the new Video Chat Feature, Grady, the Founder, and CEO of Mix Amore replied: “Mix Amore new video chat feature removes the problems of meeting people for the first time and having nothing to say to each other. It also removes the problem millions of people face each day when going on a first date and find the person they have been communicating with looks nothing like their picture.”


The success of the dating app has brought Mix Amore worldwide exposure. It has been featured in news sites all around the world which has generated new members from all corners of the world. It is fast becoming one of the most used and successful dating apps in the world.


To learn more about Mix Amore, please visit www.mixamore.com


About Mix Amore

Mix Amore has intentions to be the most respectable matchmaker app for open-minded individuals who has an interest in multicultural and interracial relationships locally or internationally.


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