Montreal Man Digitizes Himself On Bitcoin Cash Blockchain


Montreal, Quebec. Julmier STARR became one of the first individuals to digitize his existence. Julmier STARR recorded his existence on the Bitcoin Cash Blockchain today. He chose the Bitcoin Cash Blockchain for its ease of use, simplicity, and speed.

STARR used Memo.Cash to create his namesake token Julmier. He further plans on tokenizing his Julmier Bitcoin Cash token on the Ethereum when gas fees drop.

Julmier is a citizen of Bitnation, a Lord of the Principality of Sealand, & holds a Metaphysics Ph.D. from ULC. His eponymous token is viewable at

The Julmier token is not for sale and is not seeking investment. Julmier STARR’s passion is in the better and freer governance 2.0 sector. Endeavors like Charter Cities, Seasteading, and Startup Societies are of intrigue to him.

Julmier STARR
663 Avenue Orly Montréal, Québec H9P 1G1 CANADA
Text/Voice: +1(438)834-3393