Multi-Talented Singer/Songwriter/Musician Talks About His New Single


Harold Thomas, a Multi-Talented Singer/Songwriter/Musician from Detroit. Mich, has brought out his new single My Jesus.

The artist who says Stevie Wonder was one of his musical influences is one of the most talented artists of his generation. Not only does he write his own music, but he can also play multiple instruments including the Sax, Keyboards, Drums, Bass & Rhythm guitar & Harmonica.

Harold Thomas who has toured across Canada and some of Japan as well as the United States is hoping his new single My Jesus will be a huge hit.

We decided to talk to Harold Thomas and learn more about the man being the incredible single My Jesus, this is what he had to say


  1. You are a Multi-Talented Singer/Songwriter, what age were you when you decided you wanted to become a professional musician? 9 years old
  2. Can you remember the first record you bought? No, my mother bought all the records, I just listened to the radio and played the albums she
  3. Why did you decide to get into the music industry and who have been your influences? Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Grover Washington, David Sanborn, Earth Wind and Fire, Michaels McDonald, Chicago…
  4. You can play the Sax, Keyboards, Drums, Bass & Rhythm guitar & Harmonica, but which one was the easiest to learn, and which one do you enjoy playing the most? All were easy because I wanted to learn as well as God have given me a gift, I didn’t realize I had. So, anything that had something to do with music came Easy to me.
  5. You have just released your first Single & Music Video My Jesus, what is the singe about? This Single is about life struggles among everybody, and if you trust in God he will fight and handle your battles for
  6. Who wrote the song and where was it written? I wrote the Song, and I wrote it in my bedroom then went into my studio and recorded it.
  7. You have toured across Canada and some of Japan as well as the United States, which venue was the memorable one you played at and why? Canada was the most rememberable I never knew people could be so heart felt and warming…coming from Detroit was a big difference because there are a lot of dubious and hateful people, they don’t want to see another get over or be successful and in Canada I had so much support and down to earth people there.
  8. The pandemic affected the music industry in a big way with many artists struggling to write new music, how did the pandemic affect you? it got a hold of me too, but I managed to stay afloat and not let the Enemy defeat my purpose in Life.
  9. If you could work with artist in the world, who would it be and why? I haven’t given that much thought but whoever or whenever it happens, I will appreciate the



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