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Multishot: A Fusion of 2D Platformer and Shooter Genres – An Exclusive Interview with Video Game Developer Of Multishot Yehia Waleed

The gaming landscape is about to witness a groundbreaking release that promises to redefine the way players experience 2D platformers and shooter games. Multishot, a thrilling creation by developer Yehia Waleed, is set to launch on Steam in 2023, delivering an immersive blend of gameplay mechanics, customization options, and competitive spirit. In this exclusive interview, Yehia provides a glimpse into the inspiration, innovation, and future plans that shape the essence of Multishot.

Interviewer: Yehia, thank you for joining us today. What drove you to develop Multishot, and how do you envision it standing out among other gaming experiences?

Yehia Waleed: It’s my pleasure to be here. The idea for Multishot came from my fascination with combining the excitement of 2D platformers and the fast-paced thrill of shooter games. I wanted to create an experience that feels both familiar and fresh, giving players a chance to enjoy the best of both worlds. Multishot stands out by delivering a seamless blend of these genres, fostering intense competition while encouraging self-expression through customization and hopefully we are working on Including “SteamWorks”  Which will allow players to share their maps on our map editor for my replay ability Where players can review maps create and play maps.

Interviewer: The fusion of platformer and shooter elements is intriguing. Can you share more about the innovative mechanics that players can expect from Multishot?

Yehia Waleed: Certainly. In Multishot, players will navigate intricate 2D environments filled with obstacles and enemies, all while engaging in heart-pounding shooter battles. This integration of platformer-style movement and shooter combat introduces a unique layer of strategy and excitement. Players must balance precise movement with quick decision-making to conquer each map, making Multishot a truly engaging and dynamic experience.


Interviewer: The customization aspect of Multishot has caught the attention of many. Can you elaborate on the depth of the customization system and its significance in the overall gameplay?

Yehia Waleed: Customization plays a pivotal role in Multishot. We’ve designed an extensive system that empowers players to personalize their characters with various skins, weapons, and accessories. This not only lets players express their unique style but also forges a deeper connection between the player and their in-game avatar. We believe that players should have the freedom to shape their journey and gameplay experience, and customization accomplishes just that.

Interviewer: The competitive element is a core feature of Multishot. Could you shed light on the leaderboard system and the excitement of multiplayer battles?

Yehia Waleed: Absolutely. Multishot is all about the thrill of competition. The leaderboard system ranks players based on their achievements and victories, igniting a fire to climb the ranks and become the ultimate champion. Multiplayer battles, whether against AI or other players online, intensify this competition and create an exhilarating social experience that keeps players coming back for more.

Interviewer: Looking forward, you’ve mentioned plans for a map editor. Could you provide more details on this feature and its potential impact on the community?

Yehia Waleed: The map editor is an exciting endeavor we’re exploring. We want to give players the tools to create and share their own custom maps, fostering a vibrant community of creators and challengers. This feature has the potential to extend Multishot’s longevity by continually introducing fresh challenges crafted by the players themselves Where players can share levels Via “SteamWorks”.

Interviewer: Finally, could you share a message with our readers and potential players who are eagerly awaiting the launch of Multishot?

Yehia Waleed: To all the gamers out there, your anticipation means the world to us. Multishot is the result of a passionate journey to deliver an experience that transcends genres and redefines gaming. Prepare to embark on an adventure where your skills, strategy, and style come together to shape your legacy on the leaderboard. We invite you to Wishlist Multishot on Steam at and join us in this thrilling odyssey.


For media inquiries, interview requests, or additional information, please contact:

Yehia Waleed Email:

Social Media: Follow Multishot on Instagram ( for the latest updates, sneak peeks, and behind-the-scenes insights.

About Yehia Waleed:

Yehia Waleed is a passionate game developer known for his dedication to pushing the boundaries of gaming innovation. With a background rooted in creative pursuits and a love for gaming, Yehia embarked on a mission to create memorable gaming experiences that captivate players and challenge convention. Multishot stands as a testament to his commitment to excellence and his vision for the future of gaming.

About Multishot:

Multishot is an upcoming 2D platformer shooter that seamlessly blends classic platformer elements with the thrill of a shooter. Developed by Yehia Waleed, the game offers players the chance to conquer challenging maps, engage in fierce battles, and climb the ranks to become the ultimate champion. With its innovative gameplay, extensive customization, and competitive multiplayer, Multishot promises an unforgettable gaming experience.

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