Muna Alhajeri, A Success Journey


There are a few people in this world who only like to run behind their set goals and desires in life, while there are many others who believe in setting the bar higher and making sure to go beyond boundaries, creating a positive impact on people through their work. And this is exactly what Muna Alhajeri has sought to achieve throughout her life. Although higher aspirations always require greater effort, this did not prevent her from pursuing her dreams, no matter the difficulties she faces.

Despite the difficulties that any beginner can face in any field, this was never a sufficient reason to prevent her from taking on new and strange experiences, even for being a female and because the fields may be limited for her, but she always sought to take new adventures in all fields.

Making her place and building a name, that has now become well known in the music scene, wasn’t that easy, but the results were encouraging and made her satisfied, she is known as a rising hip-hop star for a reason, thanks to her unique style her infectious energy and the entire vibe she creates with each of her tracks.

Even after being in the music industry filled with many tracks, Muna Alhajeri made a unique niche for herself, in her latest music track, “His shadow”, She showed a great talent for integrating feelings, although there are no words with the music, you can feel everything she wanted to say from making this track. All her tracks seem to have a unique message hidden behind them, and that is another reason that has kept her at the top of the music game.

What has made her earned so much recognition is the deep feeling and affection that she expresses through her music, which she has now begun to produce under her own name and publish on popular streaming platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Anghami, and others. In addition, she is active on social networking sites and closely follows the opinions of her fans and tries always keep up with what’s new.