Mycall Obas On Breaking Into the Music Industry


Mycall Obas is a Connecticut-based emcee and hip hop artist who started his career in 2005, entering the battle rap scene and garnering several wins in a row.

What started as a passion became a professional and full-time occupation for Obas.

Obas stands for ‘only believers achieve success’ a motto Obas wants to share with the world.

Obas has a rough start to life, when at the age of six his mother sent him to live with his grandmother in Haiti.

“It was tropical weather, often 100 degrees and a lot of the time there was no food. Grandma would put some salt under my tongue and would send me to school.”

Obas remembers as gunshots would ring out on the streets of Haiti, a memory much too familiar, but the reality of the time.

He remembers when there was an embargo on the small country.

“Embargo means nothing comes in, nothing goes out.” says Obas.

Obas even experienced poverty himself as the third youngest of ten children and this poverty left him on the streets.

But he was determined to turn things around and live by his motto: Only Believers Achieve Success.

With millions of streams combined on music platforms and fans across the globe, there’s no doubt Obas overcame the tough deck of cards life handed him.

“If you want to get involved in the music business, you have to be super focused,” says Obas.

Obas says it’s important not to get distracted because the business requires upfront time, energy and commitment.

Since the internet is super accessible now, anybody can compete against you to become an artist.

“I want to leave a legacy of entrepreneurship, but I also want to leave behind a message for others to believe in themselves,” says Obas.

Obas dreams of leaving behind a billion dollars for charitable purposes and for his family.

As someone who’s experienced scarcity in the past, Obas is hyperfocused on manifesting positive things into his life.

“You have to be careful what you will into your life, what you visualise, because it will become a reality.”

That means dreaming big and ignoring the naysayers, no matter how big that dream is.

Obas says he’s aware of the hard work that goes into producing wealth in the music industry and wants to make it clear that he chose music because it was his calling.

“There are plenty other ways to generate wealth,” says Obas.

Obas broke into the music industry because he worked hard before professionally entering the battle rap scene.

Then he had to be great:  he had to win several times, he had to practice.

And now he works tirelessly everyday, releasing over a dozen songs a year in some cases and working on multiple projects that are important to him.

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