Naomi Nucia Glay Who Empowers Sexual Abuse Survivors Gives An Interview On Power Talk


Miss International Africa/Miss International Liberia, Naomi Nucia Glay, who is also a model has started her own 501c3, Power Talk Inc ( Power Talk sparks taboo conversations by providing knowledge and resources needed for personal wellness.


The non-profit organization which is now in its third year is helping men, women, and children who have been a victim of sexual abuse. Power Talk event will take place on July 12th via Zoom provides a non-judgmental atmosphere for both men and women to share their testimonies while aiming to inspire the voiceless.


This is a very important organization that is giving those victims support and a voice. So, we decided to sit down with Naomi Nucia Glay and learn more about Power Talk and how those who have been victims can move forward.


  1. Naomi Nucia, you are Executive Director of Power Talk, please explain what Power Talk is?

Power Talk is a non-profit organization that focuses on having shame-free and transparent panel discussions on social and taboo topics. Now in its third year, Power talk advocates for Men, Women, and Children who have been victimized bt sexual abuse.


  1. What is the main aim of Power Talk?

The main aim of Power talk is to stimulate conversations that are challenging to have by providing resources and education needed for personal wellness. while being a voice for the voiceless and hope for the hopeless.


  1. How do you believe you will succeed with your aim? I believe I will be able to succeed with this aim by being transparent. When people are transparent with their testimonies, the audience feels connected. The recipient feels inspired and encouraged to at least talk about their traumatic experiences;1st step on their road to healing. Giving an individual a platform to speak is to not only help each individual on their healing journey but also help uplift and inspire those who can connect with that experience.


  1. In the USA, 1 in 9 girls and 1 in 53 boys under the age of 18 experienced sexual abuse or assault at the hands of an adult, why are these figures so high?

There is no justifying answer for why someone would harm another human being especially a child.  Some reasons could aid some clarity for such alarming numbers. The mental health of people within the united states is decreasing drastically. 45 million Americans suffer from a mental illness. Hurt people hurt people to different extents. Abusers many times have also endured sexual abuse. Internalized the abuse they have witnessed earlier on in their life and later projected that hurt on another individual. sometimes those who have been abused their empathetic behaviors never developed properly. there is no single path that leads one to engage in sexual activity with a child. unfortunately, even these statistics can not be 100% correct as many cases do not get


  1. Some experts have said the number of children who suffer sexual abuse is much higher, would you agree with that statement? Yes, child sexual abuse is a very traumatic experience to speak about, therefore it goes unreported. the relationship to the abuser plays a role in reporting. Fear of reprisal, the justice system, lack of evidence are many reasons why survivors do not come forth.
  2. Can a person who has suffered sexual abuse get over their shocking experience? I think an individual can cope/recover with what has happened to them. Frankly, dealing with sexual abuse can be a life-long experience. recognizing triggers, communication, and self-love helps you recover from sexual violence.
  3. One of the biggest problems that sex abuse victims suffer from is post-traumatic stress disorder, is this something Power Talk looks at, and how can those who are suffering from PTSD get help? yes, your road to healing is not an easy journey. some steps can help you deal with such an experience. being transparent and open allows you to deal with what has happened head-on. you can’t heal when you are avoiding the truth. support is extremely important to find someone you can trust or join a support group. its not something you can deal with on your own Recognizing the triggers, anticipating, and preparing helps you conquer your past one step at a time. Restoring your body’s balance plays a huge role in your healing journey. Protecting your mind, body, and soul will align with your healing.
  4. For someone who has suffered from sexual abuse and has not told anyone, what would you say to them? I would tell them it was not your fault. you are valuable and not alone. There are many resources available to help conquer what has happened.
  5. There was a recent article about a sex abuse offender who complained about the sex register, he said the sex offenders register doesn’t allow those on it to lead a normal life and he is campaigning to have it abolished, what are your thoughts on that? I do believe people make mistakes, I also do believe that there are consequences for your mistakes. I do not believe that is should be abolished as survivors no longer get the option to live a “normal life” after the abuse
  6. This will be your 3rd annual Power Talk Summit, would you like to see it go global so more people can be helped?

Absolutely! I would love to leave this earth knowing that many people have been given hope.

  1. Some sexual abuse survivors have said they do not believe that the law is hard enough on those offenders, would you agree?

I do agree. Perpetrators of sexual violence are less likely to go to jail or prison than other criminals. out of 1000, 995 perpetrators will walk away free. 12. Is the government doing enough to deal with sexual abuse, and what would you like to see changed?

I believe many more laws are needed to be in place. I also think education is support important within schools and at the workplace should be mandatory.


The mission of Power Talk Inc is to provide a non-judgmental atmosphere for both men and women to share their testimonies while aiming to inspire the voiceless.


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