Netty BM Releases Debut Single We Are The Soldiers


Singer-songwriter Netty BM announces his introduction to the music industry, bringing a blend of African and Western rhythms to fans worldwide with the release of his much-anticipated debut single, We are the soldiers. This represents the culmination of a lifelong dream by the Senegalese born artist, real name Gasseunegora Netty Manga.


Along with the debut single release, today also marks the announcement of his first album, Illusions premiering exclusively via Spotify and Apple Music. Netty BM has previously toured around the Grand Rapids region and is in discussions to schedule a tour of his new album later in the year.


Netty BM recorded We are the soldiers in his home studio in Grand Rapids, Michigan, editing and procuring the entire single himself. We are the soldiers is the song to be released from the album Illusions. The album is composed of 15 tracks and spans over numerous different topics that align with his strong Christian beliefs.


With We are the soldier there is a more mature fusion of the modern and the traditional style of music that Netty BM is known for, “Truly, I didn’t expect the song to turn out so well, especially having in mind that I wrote, recorded and produced it in 2 days. The song is inspired by the chaos COVID-19 has created in the world, my African roots and a dream of justice for a better world.”


While each and every song on the Illusions album varies in tone, they all are originals and circle back to one universal theme. “Illusions is a collection of pop, R&B, soul, Afrobeat, and reggae,” says Netty BM. The new record contains a number of songs that reflect on his early life in Senegal, including the most defining moment in his life; when at the age of 13 he discovered his love of music, especially rap.


Like many before, Netty BM came to America in 2015 to realize his dream of making music. During that time he has invested heavily in his music career, building a home studio and really developing his musical style. We are the soldiers meets at a juncture of many different genres and there’s something about Netty BM that is indescribably different – and with this debut project, he’s discovered what most musicians spend lifetimes working for – the place where soulful music meets self expression.


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