New Affirmations Coloring Book For Children Becomes A Big Seller On Amazon


I am: Reliable, Responsible and Really Useful is an inspirational and groundbreaking coloring book with over 21 affirmations to read, color and recite to build a child’s confidence, creativity and spirit.

A new Affirmations coloring book for young children to think positively and boost their self-esteem has become a big seller on Amazon. I am: Reliable, Responsible and Really Useful, which was written by Zachary Bernadine continues to receive five stars on the popular shopping platform.

The new coloring book is a must buy for parents who want to give their children a great tool to increase their self-confidence, creativity and compassionate spirit. I am: Reliable, Responsible and Really Useful is filled with positive affirmations and great images to color. It contains beautiful illustrations that are printed on 8.5” x 12” pages, giving children enough space to color and an alternative mode to express creativity beyond the lines..

Young children are learning behaviours and their brains are being wired and that is why this new coloring book is such a vital tool. Affirmations Coloring Books are very effective and allows young children to develop skills that will stay with them through the years. The earlier parents introduce their children to vital tools to promote a positive attitude, the better results will be achieved. This  fun and powerful tool is a thoughtful gift for parents, grandparents and friends to buy and present for the children in their lives.

Zachary “Turbo” Bernadine has confidently put together a powerful and fun story of a set of positively empowering affirmations that children will love.  Zachary “Turbo” Bernadine was born on May 19th, 2006 in Brooklyn, NY to his parents Kelvin and Dr. Alisha “Ali” Griffith. Zachary was diagnosed and is living on the spectrum of autism since the age of 3 years old. This book is filled with a common storyline that all parents can relate and enjoy.

The coloring book has been put together to allow all children to feel connected and self-identify with the main character (the author) and for special needs parents to know they are not alone, and that there are endless possibilities for children who are living on the spectrum of autism.

Since being launched, the new Affirmations coloring book has gained huge exposure around the world. As well as becoming one of the most featured books in its field, and soon to become one of the most reviewed on Amazon.

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