New “Amazon SC” cross-border social commerce giant is ready to rock.


Amazon SC platform has opened a comprehensive cross-border social commerce platform in more than 200 countries around the world, radiating dozens of countries in Asia, Europe and the United States, and has become a channel for high-quality cultural and commodity exchanges between different countries.


In today’s society, the Internet is maturing, the mobile Internet is in its infancy, and the e-commerce industry is still in a chaotic and extensive state. The World Capital Foundation has a global vision, and has created a global shared membership cross-border social commerce platform based on the concept of “sharing and socializing”. Its business scope covers e-commerce, marketing, supply chain, technology development, finance and other multi-sector business.


Combining “technology + social” has become the core strategic of this stage of Amazon SC social commerce platform.


Through the underlying technology, Amazon SC has came out with three solutions in order to realize the globalization of social commerce.


  1. In order to resolve the differences in social media in various countries around the world, Amazon SC fully opened up mainstream social media in the world and realized one-click sharing to worldwide.


  1. in order to solve the problem of language exchange at home and abroad, Amazon SC has established a full-language platform in Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Russian, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic.


  1. In order to solve the global currency payment problem, Amazon SC has achieved a global consensus blockchain digital currency payment, allowing WCF tokens to achieve the function of global payment.


Amazon SC has innovated on the traditional business model, combining the membership sales model of the Amazon SC social commerce platform with the mining model to accelerate the fission of global members.