New App Provides Real Time Safety Alerts Of Local Incidents, Crimes, and Fires in Africa – Guardaround

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The New safety & awareness mobile app will provide information on local incidents including crimes, fires, missing persons. Guardaround will help to keep people safe by providing them with real time incidents in their local area. The app will be available for iOS and Android users.


A new unique safety awareness app is set to be launched to provide people living and working in Africa with real time alerts on incidents. Those incidents include crime, fires, and missing persons, to name a few. The Guardaround App sends real time alerts to users within the local area of the incident to allow them to stay safe and take the appropriate action


The app works through a combination of technology and human efforts. It sends users live news feeds, live footage of incidents, and constant safety alerts. It will help people living and working in Africa to stay safe and to keep their family safe.


Guardaround is not just for those living and working in Africa, it will also be available for those visiting Africa for a vacation. Tourists visiting Africa will be able to receive incident reports on anything happening within the area they are visiting. This will help to keep them safe while visiting any part of Africa.


Although the app was aimed at those living in Africa, since news broke out about the new app it has received exposure around, and now the designers have plans to make it a global app. This means, it could soon be available in the UK, the USA, and Australia, making it one of the most used apps in the world.


“The lack of information on crime and incidents can put lives at risk. The police very rarely keep people informed of serious incidents that are happening in the local area. This lack of information is putting people’s safety at risk. That now stops thanks to our app. Whenever an incident takes place, people don’t have to guess what is happening as all the information will be sent to their mobile devices.”


No longer do people have to guess why a police car is racing down the road, or why the neighbourhood is filled with police, or where the smoke from a fire is coming from. With the Guardaround app, those living in the local area will know exactly what is going on.


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About Guardaround

Guardaround is an important safety app that provides people with instant information on what is happening in the local area.