New Company Aims To Be The biggest brand in the world.



A new company called (DelFoss) is aiming to make the most valuable stickers in the world. CEO and Founder of (DelFoss) Oz DelFoss says “DelFoss is working extremely creatively to make sure we become the most valuable sticker company in the world.” Another one of their goals is to make stickers cool again.

(CEO and Founder Oz DelFoss)

About CEO Of DelFoss:

Oz DelFoss has had a rough life. Born to a single mother he always got bullied in shcool for just being different. However I think being bullied helped him in a way as he said “I had no one but myself. There would be some days when I went home and cried alone in my room after I got bullied. But, overtime I developed this numbness to bullying and just used the bullying to motivate me.” He also has High Functioning Autism witch allows him to be obsessed to a genius level with topics he likes. He says he wants to build the most valuable company in the world.

(Sticker Designs):


DelFoss is committed to making the most valuable sticker company in the world. Will they do it? Only time will tell.