New cryptocurrency Tagmoon is giving away a brand new Tesla. Here is how you win?

telsa car

Begin by visiting their website,, which has further information. Then, enter your email address to begin the registration process. You will immediately be eligible to win if you have a minimum of 1 million Tagmoon ($70) in your wallet. The more tagmoons you own, the greater your chances of winning become. Additionally, you may invite friends, however this does not boost your chances of winning as mining does.

If you win, Tesla will contact you directly to arrange for the car to be delivered to you without incurring any risk on your part. regardless of whether you want to join or not You’ll receive a bonus of 10,000, so go ahead – you earned it! All that remains is to get more Tagmoon from the website.

You may learn more about them by following their Instagram page, visiting their official website, or following them on Twitter.