New gold-based crypto Decurian reaches final stage of initial offering with mass support


With the recent amount of hype being drawn by the term ‘cryptocurrency’ and the tremendous amount of user participation in different blockchains, another very popular concern was in need of attention and implementation. The gaming industry was looking for their own localized cryptocurrency that could address their needs and requirements. Voila! Decurian emerged on the scenes to serve the gaming community and allow them to experience their virtual win in the most realistic way possible.

The Decurian (ECU) token, a cryptocurrency for gamers, is in the last stages of its Initial Coin Offering. The ICO started in mid-December, last year, and has since garnered astonishing results. It has already attracted more than 31,700 active users and is still growing strongly. This figure has even superseded the expectations of the developers, who are taken aback by the community’s positive feedback that they have been receiving.

What exactly this token does, and how is it different from other cryptocurrencies? While the world of cryptocurrency has seen a shift towards the development of cryptocurrency that are less general in nature and more application-oriented, many such loyalty-based coins have emerged. Decurian is a cryptocurrency founded by Michael Chodorowski, which aims to be used by players within the gaming website. It is basically a reward token that can be used to challenge other gamers on the platform. This adds value to the gaming experience, as the players will now feel that their victory is at some stake and the win-lose rivalry could be experienced in a very realistic manner.

Decurian is a stable-coin, with its valuation tethered to gold deposits. The worth of gold’s reserves is expected to be about 20 percent of the ICO’s total capital raising of $US75 million, out of which 5.5 million ECU tokens have been sold at a price of $5 per token. The total supply is 50 million, and will be made available to the registered users on the website form February onwards.

Being a stable-coin, ECU has the potential to maintain its value despite fluctuations in the crypto-world. It is an ERC-20 token, based on the Ethereum blockchain, which means that Decurian is also capable of showcasing the same speeds as Ethereum technology, allowing the platform to reward the winners instantly.

The main catch of the Decurian ICO is simple; it is being widely welcomed by the gaming community at large. “What started out as a simple idea has become something I could never have imagined, Thank you to everyone that sees the immense potential of Decurian and what it will mean to the gaming world.” says the founder, Michael Chowdorowski.

Although, many gamers praised the underlying concept behind Decurian’s launch, some were of the opinion that a more budget-friendly token will further enhance the community’s response and participation. With this concern in mind, the Decurian team is eager to launch a spin-off version of Decurian, by the name of Ace. Ace will have an ICO price $1 and a total supply of 500 million, released in a defined time line. This move will strengthen the community build around Decurian token and will give a new meaning to the gaming challenges.

The overwhelming traffic that attracted during the course of previous month has made the future path very evident. Developers are busy working on a platform that would be able to handle the forecasted user base. The beta-testing of will commence in March, followed by the full fledge working website in April. Based on the potential of the gaming industry, and the interest figures calculated up till now, has made it clear that Decurian will be a game-changer, and a trend-setter in its own capacity.

Currently, Decurian has already made its way on to Trust Wallet and Coin Base cryptocurrency lists, while it is waiting for approval from different exchanges like Etherflyer, Coingecko and Token Jar. ECU’s popularity will increase in the months to come and will have an identity of its own in a short time. The current user-base registered on ECU’s website can trade ECU tokens against ether (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (LTC).

Decurian has brought a remarkable idea to the table, where gamers can ‘live’ their gaming experience. Its impact will be immediate and dramatic, and it will change the way gaming industry works. Gamers will be provided with new and modified choices that will enable them to challenge each other on the platform, while the winners will be rewarded instantly, adding to their gaming experience. The token’s full potential will be fully disclosed in the months to come.