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TotalTemp Technologies, the new leader in thermal platforms, has been widening its offerings more and more over time.

When choosing temperature testing gear, it’s important to consider the best and most suitable equipment options for the task at hand, which means looking at different variables to select the most appropriate solution. Putting in enough thought and consideration will save time, money, and effort in the long run – which means we should consider options thoroughly.

TotalTemp Technologies offers expertise and support before selecting methods and after installation of your equipment. TotalTemp wants to get things right before, during, and after every sale to make each customer fully satisfied with our products.

TotalTemp prides itself by helping each and every customer find the right system for each specific situation, so that the job can get done the right way each and every time. A happy customer will continue to come back to the same company and spread positive word of mouth that we did the job right after all.

Now, TotalTemp Technologies is adding hot-only models in the current product line of wide range thermal platforms. These platforms are ideal for electromigration, solder processes and hot-only testing. The new hot-only models include 300 degrees Celsius and 400 degrees Celsius models, with great pricing,  safety, and the same flexibility that current hot/cold models have.

The three hot-only options are available right now with more sizes to follow from TotalTemp Technologies HSD14, with a 3.75″ x 3.75″ usable surface, HSD89 with a 6.5 x 15” usable surface and HSD144, with a 12″ x 12″ usable surface.

All hot-only models contain the following features and benefits:

  • Excellent access to DUT
  • Extended temperatures range option (400°C shown here)
  • Energy efficient conductive heat transfer
  • Extremely fast temperature transition rates
  • Bare aluminum or hard plated anodized surface for durability
  • Optional no holes and conductive surface (shown here)
  • Small footprint for minimal impact on valuable bench space
  • High accuracy temperature sensors for precise control
  • Abundant heater arrangement for low surface gradients
  • Rugged stainless steel chassis
  • Threaded holes in all four corners standard for adapter plate or clamp set mounting
  • Adapter plates available
  • Exclusively designed for easier serviceability, with full access panels
  • Certified products available

TotalTemp Technologies
works hard to ensure the new hot-only models are a great addition to the product line of wide range thermal platforms. These models carry two year warranties and can be trusted to meet customers’ expectations.

Email or call any specific questions regarding the three new hot-only options or anything else. Please reach out to a representative at TotalTemp Technologies.

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