New Motivational Clothing Brand Eighth ApparelSet to Take-Up the Apparel Industry


Eighth Apparel;a US Inspiring Clothing brand founded by an ingenious team of fashion innovators to encourage positivity and self reliance has announced its Coming-on-board on the 8th, August with an avalanche of exclusive offers. The countdown begins!!

The New Eighth Apparel Brand is much more than just your usual clothing brand, Eighth Apparel is a culture and positive decision to muster confidence required to achieve desired greatness relying on the significance of abundance of life and greatness in the number Eight.

Today in the 21st century you’d know that our cloths have developed from practical assets to a social marker over time, they affect the way we see ourselves and more often we dress how we’d like to feel or how we’d like others to think we are feeling and it works. The advent of Eighth Apparel creates a mindset to focus on the bright side of life expecting positive results and building you with the courage and confidence to move on.

All purchases made for any of Eighth Apparel’s designs come with unique words of affirmation and positive quotations – Just the right one to give you the encouragement for that time.Bearing in mind the spiritual and physical significance of the number “8” you’ll strive for success.

The Eighth logo design reminds you thatyou are determined, assertive, responsible, and expectant of positive results in your every encounter.

Eighth Apparel is determined to achieve its desire for a better world as it has promised to donate 5% of their profit to any cause chosen by its supporters.

Arman and Corina believe that there is much more to our clothing choices than we might imagine. Thus, the Uniqueness of the Number “8” covers all the qualities under the umbrella of positivity and thinking positively means that we see the possibilities within any given situation. “Eighth Apparel Stands for Infinite Possibilities”.

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About Eighth Apparel


Eighth Apparel is a motivational clothing brand founded by Arman Sanienejad and Corina Fessler in 2019. Its foundation relays to the fact that everything you wholeheartedly believe in can be made possible by you. It represents unlimited possibilities which are signified by the infinite shape of the number “8”.

Eighth Apparel has proven its commitment to its mission statement; to inspire people to chase their dreams and work relentlessly to make it their reality, to enjoy the journey and live abundantly through creating life meaning collections telling you to stay strong and look only onto your greatness.

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