New Poetry Book Of The Year Now Available As Pre-Order – Boy

The shimmering new collection of poems from Donny Jackson is now available for pre-order. The highly rated poet has written a new collection and put them in his debut poetry book called Boy. Even before being released to the mainstream audience, it has received five-star reviews.

Emmy Award winning producer Donny Jackson has announced some exciting news. The spoken-word artist who has two decades behind him in the poetry world has released his new poetry book titled Boy. The new collection is currently available on pre-order.

The debut collection from Donny Jackson tackles issues of the complex modern world that is ever changing. The documentary maker and clinical psychologist new collection grabs people by the hand and takes them on a journey, a journey through the troubling life that the modern world brings.

The sharp verses and the freewheeling meaningful words grab you. The spoken word artist who has made a name for himself in the poetry world has said he can’t wait to hear what people think of his new collection. With a growing fan base from two decades in the poetry world, Donny Jackson has become one of the most recognized faces in the modern poetry world. He has been featured at venues in Canada and the United States, but this new collection is set to take him to the next level.

Donny Jackson has managed to bring a younger audience into the poetry world. Poetry experts have predicted his young fan base will continue to grow thanks to his debut poetry book Boy.

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About Donny Jackson

Donny Jackson is a writer, performer, producer, and clinical psychologist based in Los Angeles. In addition to his spoken word plays, “One Man Shown” and “salome: ten poems about one thing”, Dr. Donny’s poems have appeared in La Bloga Online Floricanto’s 10 Best Poems of 2015 and -2017, Skin to Skin: a magazine for women of the LGBT community, as well as multiple anthologies, including, “The Border Crossed Us: An Anthology to End Apartheid” (Winner of the 2016 International Latino Book Award for Best Anthology), Incandescent Mind, and The Garden of Black Joy. He is also an NAACP Image Award-winning producer and multiple Emmy Award-winning showrunner of documentary television.

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