New Single Silver Lining Set’s The Music World Alight – Benjamin Andrews

Benjamin Andrews silver lining

An incredible new song has been released by Benjamin Andrews. It has been described as one of the biggest hits of 2020.


Leicester born singer Benjamin Andrews has just released his debut single and its already a smash hit. The singer who has released Silver Lining on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and many more, decided to write, produce, and release the track after being forced into lockdown in Vienna.


Silver Lining which Benjamin Andrews wrote in the first week on the COVID-19 lockdown is a moving song about hope and optimism. It is a much-needed song at a time of struggle and crisis during the coronavirus pandemic. Furthermore, the song is sung in a very sincere and genuine manner with a lot of  heart and soul. His unique character and tone is amazing throughout the whole song making it accessible for anybody, young or old.

Benjamin Andrews

When asked about the debut track, Benjamin said: “The song practically wrote itself… Coming out of this era I believe it is a time for hope and optimistic vibes. I do hope that people will be inspired by the song.”


Benjamin has a soulful voice, and when you listen to the words, Silver Lining is as emotional and heart-warming as Robbie Williams Angels. Just like Angels, Silver Lining is very emotional but at the same time provides hope, hope that the UK, Europe, and the world need at this current time.


It is very hard not to notice that Benjamin’s voice has similarities to the voices of  Elton John or Joe Cocker. When you close your eyes and listen to Benjamin singing Silver Lining, you find yourself realising that his singing is unique, honest and timeless but also undeniably Benjamin Andrews.

Benjamin Andrews

When mentioning how similar his sound is to the likes of Elton John, Benjamin smiles and nods and says that Elton John has always been a huge influence on his career.

“I have always loved songs like Everybody Hurts by REM and have been heavily influenced by Elton John’s piano ballads. That’s why it only took a few hours until I switched from the guitar to the piano and laid down the fundamentals of the song and I knew I was going in the right direction. “


Benjamin has not just created an amazing track; he has also written and produced a full album with 14 songs. The new album which will be released  at the end of June has already set the social media world alight with fans asking if he plans to tour the album.

When asked why he did not wait until the album was released before releasing Silver Lining, the artist explained he was too excited to wait. 


“I just couldn’t wait. I love this song so much because it carries a part of my soul in it. It moves me every time I hear it or sing it. Very overwhelming indeed.”


Silver Lining is out now and is a single that everyone should buy. It could become one of the biggest hits of 2020. Find it on Spotify, Amazon. iTunes, Apple Music, Deezer, Google Play Music or check it out here:


About Benjamin Andrews

Benjamin Andrews is a singer-songwriter who was born in Leicester U.K.