Nigerian rapper Ikechukwu Joseph Okoro Talks About The Music World


Nigerian rapper Ikechukwu Joseph Okoro, professional known as Huncho Chu (Oyon) has been described as the best rapper in Africa.

Huncho Chu (Oyon) has helped to make history in the music world when it was announced he had teamed up with Ma’ G (Mama Goddess). This made Ma’ G (Mama Goddess) the first known African American woman to produce a cross continent album with an African artist.

The Nigerian rapper has been making some serious waves in the music world, and now after signing with Goddess Music who are based in New York, he is set to light up the world of music.

We decided to get together with Ikechukwu Joseph Okoro to find out more about the artist, this is what they had to say.


  1. Ma’ G (Mama Goddess), you are the first known African American woman to produce a cross continent album with an African artist, why has it taken so long for this to happen, and do you hope you will just be one of many?

I can’t say why it took so long for others, but I can tell you what the challenges were for me!

I think I spent most of my time focusing on the quality of my work.  When you are a start up business, and you are responsible for creating, marketing and managing music and artist alone yourself there is the factor of time management and balance.  It took some time to learn these things, tap into the right resources and overcome the challenges of being a woman in the business.

I must say working with Huncho is quite a different ride because he is actually the most prepared artist that I have known up until this point and it makes producing him so easy. Huncho is ready for anything that comes about he’s quick with it you know. Fast to record to tunes I send to him. Also, he already had an arsenal of unreleased material for any major label or artist.  I can promise you Huncho is ready for at least 2 or 3 new hits daily now guaranteed with no sweat.

I boast because I had lots of discouragement form working with some artist in the past …you know trying to develop their talent and they felt they were already celebrities and not wanting to work at least work up to the measure I felt they needed to get them to the Stage.

  1. You are a successful producer, writer, and engineer, which one of those three do you prefer?

I would say production and writing is at the top of the list, Although I can’t’ say engineering is the least because when I send something out sometimes and get back a weak mix …I’m determined.  I’m like oh no, you did not pan it, you turned the reverb way up or I don’t think that went through a compressor, and use slap delay … hmm so I always end up getting involved with it or just having to fix it to match my vision in the end


  1. Behind the scenes, the music industry is still a male led industry, can we expect this to now change with you making waves in the industry?

I think it will change, it will have to, the music industry needs this change…. it’s always good for business to shift things up a bit and give the people something new…why not give a feminine touch … in fact why not give them me.  In the past it was easy to control exposure to female producers, because we have always been producing just more in the background. it seems we have come more to the forefront especially with Chloex Halle leading in helping women move forward in the industry. In addition, we have the internet to help female producers publish music on the fly with social media exposure for free.  And on top of that we now have Huncho. Huncho will be a mega major influence when people witness our flow, we just want to get work done! Huncho doesn’t mind the fact that I’m a woman producer.

  1. How did you get together with Huncho Chu?

Me and Huncho Chu got together on a trip I took to Nigeria, and we have been inseparable in music ever since.

  1. Huncho Chu, your new music is coming out in April, are you excited and what do you think your fans will make of the new music?

So, I’m super excited, the new music will be out all over the world, so fans will be encouraged and motivated about achievable goals as they enjoy the music.

  1. You are a Nigerian rapper, has it made a difference to your style of music being born in Africa instead of the USA?

Yes, totally because I’m from Nigeria in Africa where our official language is English, not neglecting our local dialects so makes it even easier for me to flow in English “And” in Yoruba and Igbo very well.

  1. You have performed with the likes of igboro, Small doctor, Stoned teezy (Terri starboy) Juniorboy and many more, but if you could choose to work with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?

I’d definitely love to work with the likes of American heavyweights like Rickross Beyonce cos I know they believe so much in what Africa is bringing to the rest of the world musically. Wale folarin is Nigerian and signed to Rozay’s label…

  1. Who has been your inspiration in the rapping world?

A whole lot of rappers across the world from 2pac to JayZ, Eminem Nicky minaj, Roddy ricch a down to Africa’s M.i. Nasty C Vector Olamide and also Terry G although not mainly a rapper he has been like a role model and recently followed me on IG. I feel I will be working together with him pretty soon. In addition, the list goes almost endless cos I’m a very good listener.

  1. What was it like working with Ma’ G (Mama Goddess)?

Omg I’m so blessed to be working with the first African American woman to produce a cross continent album with me the Oyon of Lagos lol. Not many upcoming African artists gets this kinda amazing opportunity.

  1. A lot of the music talent shows on TV like American Idol ignore the rapping scene; would you like to see that changed?

Yes, because I believe either you rap or sing, we still under one umbrella “music”. So, we deserve equal opportunities as artists.

  1. What are your plans for the future?


To have the whole world experience the Ma’G and the Oyon vibes. to create more opportunities like this for not only musical artists but entertainers around the world that can’t do this on their own. To   establish the biggest record company in the whole world chuckles #basedonoyon.

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