Nitron-Bamboo® fabric The Future Of Sportswear & Fitness T-Shirt


Nitron-Bamboo Fabric

Imagine apparel and sportswear that protects against the sun and helps to increase the body temperature when its cold and deals with sweat in the hot weather. Imagine no more, it is here now.


One of the biggest advancements in sportswear technology is happening right now thanks to Balandi and Nitron-Bamboo® fabric. This latest innovation is going to change the way people buy sportswear and fashion t-shirts. The introduction of Nitron-Bamboo; offering moisture-wicking technology and +50 UPF protection sounds like something of the future, but the future is here, and it’s here right now.


The new lightweight fabric which has been a few years in development allows people to be protected from the sun which is important with news that skin cancer is at its highest. The Nitron-Bamboo® fabric which is 94% Bamboo, 5% Spandex, and 1% Nylon provides physique enhancements. It also helps to increase the body temperature during the winter months and evaporates the sweat from the body in the summer months.


Balandi, who are a forward-thinking fitness brand providing performance apparel and sportswear clothing have used the new technique to introduce a quality clothing range. They are now bringing to market fitness clothing, sportswear, workout clothing, activewear and bodybuilding clothing using the new fabric and technology.


The new fabric is not just about making people look and feel good, it is also about inspiring athletes and those that want to win. One important aspect of the new fashion range and fabric is how it can be used for people running in marathons, dealing with that sweat that comes with running mile after mile. It can also help athletes who are training and performing in hot and cold countries.


The current fashionwear is available in two colours, black and white, and can be viewed by visiting the Balandi website. Since news of the new fabric was released, it has caused great excitement around the world with fashion news editors and athletes alike.


To learn more about the new fashion range using the latest modern fabric that can increase performance, please visit


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