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Nodis & The c4n2 Agency: The Heart of Music PR Beats Strong in Hollywood, Los Angeles

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The Nation`s Capital, Washington D.C, is the stomping ground of go-go greats like Chuck Brown & the Soul Searchers, hardcore legends like the Henry Rollins Band, and Rap pioneers like Wale. The list is too extensive for dialogue and deserves its cast and crew.

Nodis, the alter ego of Sidon Farris, is a red-hot hip-hop artist from America’s DMV creative hotbed. He has walked down the street of the music industry and become a talented musical artist and outstanding entrepreneur. However, the secret to his success lies beneath his exterior and includes a strong work ethic, resilience to failure, and an unmatched determination to reach his dreams. These principles were first instilled in him at an early age with numbered failed business ventures that led him to cherish life’s learning curve!

Coming from a musical family, it was inevitable that Nodis would turn his love of music and free enterprise into a profession. He relocated to Hollywood, Los Angeles, the Entertainment Capital & Music Capital, in 2018 to sign a publishing deal with Tiffany Kumar’s BEAT HOUSE. This was a busy time in his life, making waves in the music industry. Notably, from around 2020 to 2022, an onslaught of hit songs was released, like the acclaimed “I Love You But Fuck U,” under LA-based Dutch DJ & Producer Avedon. Nodis became part of Avedon’s catalog of artists he produced, including; Ariana Grande, Chris Brown, Megan Thee Stallion, and 6ix9ine, to name a few!

Nodis was moved by the music world and realized his experience and list of contacts he knew could help others. With that idea in mind, c4n2 was conceived – a place for creatives. More than just an agency, c4n2 would act as a hub to help collaborations with other artists. c4n2 helps artists get on the right path and not struggle to have doors open for them. Nodis’ mission, along with the rest of his team, is to help others cut a clear path through the fray.

Spotify is one of the largest independent artist platforms inundated, with over 100,000 new music tracks uploaded daily. So, why is c4n2 needed? Like any sizeable online platform, as soon as you release anything, it becomes old news, and you settle and become shrouded like sediment in your favorite Napa big red! As a result, your chances of getting heard and producing something of quality that resonates into a contract is remote; this is where c4n2 steps in.

c4n2 represents you and establishes and curates your brand. This involves media shaping and bridging communications between you and those outside your inner circle. This is vital to be taken seriously by large labels and is needed to make you a credible artist in the industry. Though brands might take a chance on an unknown artist periodically, you need agents like C4n2 to maximize your potential for success!

The c4n2 team has a rich background in music, with members having experience as artists and musicians. The company is headquartered in the world’s entertainment capital, Los Angeles. It has critical members anchored in all major music markets in the US, NYC, Nashville, Atlanta, and Miami, where they help Latin artists expand into music markets beyond South Beach.

With its traditional music market in decline, Latin America is turning to streaming services for comfort. The latest report from MIDiA claims that YouTube and Spotify are taking hold among listeners of all ages across the region, with more than half (57%) currently using either one or both platforms as their primary source when listening online.

The music industry has been changing rapidly. In a world where smartphones are becoming more common, people have web access through their devices at all times of day – even if they’re not on Wi-Fi! This means that we can listen to our favorite tunes anywhere with an Internet connection, making it easier for artists, new or old, to get recognition because anyone who wants something will find out about them via streaming services like Spotify.

The DIY music infrastructure is a revolutionary way for artists to make their sound beyond rehearsal rooms or garages; all they need are laptops. They manage the release and distribution process, from brainstorming ideas to releasing them for public consumption. As a result, we’re assisting emerging new grassroots artists from Latin America, including stateside, Brazil, Mexico (leading countries), and Peru. This program is designed to recognize the growing demand for artists on online music platforms yet the lack of represented talent through traditional labels. c4n2’s Latin American initiative sees the supply and demand crisis in Latin American countries and hopes to go a long way in filling the deficit in traditional signings.

The c4n2 agency has recently introduced its ‘c4n2 Gives Back’ program, where they’re proud to support musicians and other artists. Slyide, a self-taught autistic musician and producer with financial challenges, has been recently sponsored by c4n2. Slyide uses his platform to support others with autism and is a victim advocate against bullying. The company will continue to invest in at least one financially challenged musician or artist monthly and hopes to build the program as the business grows.

In a world where it feels like the walls are closing in on us all, entrepreneur Sidon Farris has found his way to break through them. He’s not just an artist—he also happens to be the CEO & founder of the c4n2 agency. This group helps artists navigate this digital marketplace we live in today and establish themselves so they can make ends meet while pursuing their passion full-time, which arguably beats languishing in obscurity.

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