Northampton Brothers Launch Garnish Boxes to Fund Venture for the Town’s First Social Pub Venue

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NORTHAMPTON, UK, December 3, 2020  Three brothers from Northampton are planning to open the town’s first Social Pub Venue in November 2021 to bring people back together post COVID-19. The trio have even worked hard over the year to launch a Cocktail Garnish Box, just in time for Christmas, to help fund the venture.

NORTHAMPTON (December 2, 2020) – In the midst of tiered lockdown rules, socialising is probably the last thing on anyone’s mind; however, three brothers from Northampton, Josh, Jack and Ellis Fitzgerald are preparing to launch the town’s first ever Social Pub Venue in November 2021.

Touted as a social venue in a socially distanced world, Brothers Pub Co is aiming to bring people together in a social environment that offers more than just a place to eat or to drink, but to offer extraordinary social experiences. The Social Pub Venue’s primary focus is on creating somewhere people can share food, play games, share stories and create new experiences, together. As such, it will offer several gaming options such as shuffleboard and skittles alongside British tapas and innovative cocktails.

Under current lockdown restrictions pubs in tier 2 cannot serve drinks without a substantial meal, while those in tier 3 have to remain closed in the busiest season of the year. In fact, one survey revealed that 26% of pub owners do not expect their businesses to survive until mid-2021 without any help. But the Fitzgerald brothers are confident that once a vaccine is found and restrictions are lifted, people will want to socialise more than ever.

Explaining their motivation for pursuing a new business in such turbulent times, Josh said: “ We are certain that in a time of social exclusion, we need to develop a pub that’s not just a cocktail bar or a place to eat but somewhere to enjoy extraordinary experiences.”

To validate their idea for this business model and also find trends, the brothers conducted a market research. The results showed that most people go to a pub to meet friends. Eighty four percent of respondents said that they visit a venue due to its entertainment and 62 percent prefer small plates to traditional pub grub and burger pizza.

With just under a year to go before their projected opening date, Brothers Pub Co are currently looking for people interested in investing in the project as well as concentrating on continuing to build their audience base. The trio have already amassed over 2600 Instagram followers- a testament to the feasibility of a Social Pub Venue in Northampton.

To help fund the venture; Brothers Pub Co is selling garnish boxes designed to help individuals add creative flair to their cocktails. The garnish boxes come with 15 different garnishes and garnish tools-from candy floss and glacier cherries to cocktail umbrellas and stirrers. Instructions for creating the perfect garnish, as well as four of the company’s cocktail recipes are also included in the box. The garnish boxes are affordably priced at £19.95. What’s more is that the unique presentation and contents make them ideal gifts for cocktail lovers.

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