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Old Man Brandon Unveils Exciting New Spiritually Focused Hip Hop Releases and Collaborations in 2023

Rising hip hop artist prepares to drop “Juggernaut” and “Flowers” albums featuring renowned artists and producers while hinting at a major surprise release.

Rising hip-hop recording artist Old Man Brandon is set to captivate fans with a series of highly anticipated releases and collaborations throughout the year. Quite accomplished as a recording artist and even as an actor under a top-secret prior name, Old Man Brandon has embarked on a transformative journey, channeling his personal struggles and experiences into his music. With an unwavering commitment to sharing his story and uplifting others, Old Man Brandon is poised to impact the music scene profoundly.

June 30th marks a monumental day in Old Man Brandon’s career as he unveils his latest album, “Juggernaut.” Collaborating with esteemed producer, The Beat Juggernaut, Old Man Brandon aims to stun listeners with a sonic experience like no other. The first track, “I SIGNED TO?” promises to raise eyebrows and make audiences crave more. This highly anticipated album is a testament to Old Man Brandon’s artistic growth and unrelenting passion for creating exceptional music.

“Through my music, I aim to ignite a flame of hope and resilience, reminding others that amidst life’s trials, our voices can rise, and our stories can inspire,” commented Old Man Brandon. “This journey is not just mine; it’s an invitation for all to join in the power of healing and transformation. Some things are more important than fame, and I am a personal testimony to that secret. Once you have a passion it’s no longer a choice.”

Continuing his musical journey, Old Man Brandon has announced the release of his album “Flowers” on August 25th. This project is a heartfelt expression of gratitude to his family, friends, fans, doctors, and everyone who has supported him during his personal and musical trials. With “Flowers,” Old Man Brandon dedicates his artistry to those who have been instrumental in his journey, showcasing his appreciation and pouring his heart and soul into each track. Old Man Brandon has an exciting surprise for his dedicated followers in early September. While keeping the details under wraps, he hints at an eye-opening music-related revelation that promises to be a game-changer. Fans are encouraged to stay connected and follow Old Man Brandon’s online platforms to be the first to receive updates on this eagerly anticipated announcement. Reflecting on his recent changes, Old Man Brandon proudly commemorates the release of 10 albums in the previous year. Through the album series he documents triumphantly conquering immense challenges, thanks to the mercy and glory of God. By incorporating his experiences of physical hardships, mental health battles, and overcoming childhood trauma, hip hop is utilized in a rare, powerful way. With unwavering faith in God and an unyielding determination, Old Man Brandon transformed his struggles into a powerful musical narrative, inviting listeners to witness his story unfold. Old Man Brandon’s forthcoming releases showcase an array of remarkable collaborations with renowned artists and producers.


Among the talented artists featured are Krizz Kaliko, Asa Jake, Avery Strom, Lydia Caesar, Mike Dawson, Antonia Katinka, Nokturnal, Ian Byarm, DNA Tru Lyricist, Saint Josh, and many more. Producers include L Williams, Wyshmaster, OBMP, David Linhof, Phat Crispy, Impala Drummerz, to name just a few.

With each collaboration, Old Man Brandon brings diverse voices and styles together, creating a harmonious fusion that resonates with worldwide audiences. Old Man Brandon passionately shares his belief that once a person discovers their true passion, it becomes an undeniable calling. This unwavering dedication to his craft has driven his creative journey, inspiring him to create music that resonates with listeners on a profound level. In the words of Jesus Christ, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” Old Man Brandon draws strength and inspiration from these words, carrying them as a guiding principle throughout his artistic endeavors. All signs point towards the best being yet to come.

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