Omicron Requires Small Business Checkup in 2022: Business experts argues for a better strategy than in past years

Leadership development expert and awarding author, Dr. Daryl D. Green, offers a health checkup for small businesses to improve their financial situation in 2022.

KNOXVILLE, TN – December 28, 2021 – Are you happy with how your business did this year? What are you going to do differently? Sadly, many small business owners do not spend enough time planning for the future. Yet, COVID-19 and its variants have wreaked havoc on the traditional thinking of operating a successful business. Leadership development expert and awarding author, Dr. Daryl D. Green, offers a health checkup for small businesses to improve their financial situation in 2022.

Did the pandemic set your business back? Certainly things are not the same. According to Gartner survey of 129 executives, 22% of corporate leaders have delayed their office reopenings in 2022 due to the Omicron virus. According to the JOLTS report in the fall of 2021, the number of workers quitting their jobs remained high, about 4.2 million workers. Small and medium-sized businesses accounted for 90% of these job openings. Businesses can’t afford to operate the same in 2022.


Dr. Green speaks to groups across the nation about emerging trends in society.

Dr. Green adds, “Here we are at the end of the year, a perfect time for a comprehensive evaluation of your business. Small business must think differently due to the pandemic. Most people can relate to the kind of checkup they have with their doctor, during which he or she will conduct a variety of tests, including blood, vision, heart, and hearing. What about doing a business checkup?”

For over 20 years, Dr. Green has evaluated organizations and provided recommendations. Dr. Green is a distinguished consultant, management trainer, and founder of AGSM Consulting LLC.

Dr. Green explains:

“Today’s small businesses need to retool and innovate products and/or processes so that they can become more efficient and effective. In our book, Small Business Marketing, Dr. McCann and I provide a roadmap and simple checklist small businesses can use to evaluate themselves. Businesses must have an effective means of evaluating themselves. Therefore, the right checkup is critical.”

Below are Dr. Green’s critical questions to help you conduct your own self-checkup:

  1. Do you have a clear vision for your business? What is it?
  2. Do you know why your customers buy from you and why others do not?
  3. What results are you getting from your marketing? Do you have an effective online presence on the internet?
  4. Are you collecting the right kind of data about your customers and competitors?
  5. Are you keeping pace with your industry trends? If so, what are the key trends?
  6. How are you measuring results (i.e., key performance indicators like cash flow and revenue)?
  7. What are your key competitors’ marketing strategies?
  8. Have you evaluated your strengths and weaknesses (i.e., SWOT Analysis)?

In today’s changing landscape, successful small businesses must plan ahead for 2022. Dr. Green notes, “Do you desire better outcomes for your business in 2022? If so, the better results won’t come by accident? Your actions must be deliberate. Thinking outside of the box in a pandemic environment is a neccessity, not merely something on a wishlist.”

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About Dr. Daryl D. Green:


Dr. Daryl Green provides consulting, guidance and management training for today’s small businesses. He and his wife Estraletta are the owners of AGSM Consulting LLC based in Tennessee. In 2016, Dr. Green retired early from the Department of Energy, where had managed over 400 projects, estimated at $100 million dollars.

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