One Woman’s Quest to Transform The Complex And Expensive Healthcare Industry


USA, March 17, 2021 Healthcare in the USA is not a luxury like some other countries. In the UK they have the NHS which has been described as one of the best healthcare systems in the world, and best of all it is free. However, in the USA millions of people struggle to afford private healthcare, making it important to find the most affordable service available.

Mary Gorder understands what it is like to struggle, and she understands how important affordable healthcare is. That is why she has launched Drs. On Calls, which has become a vital healthcare service. We decided to get together with Mary Gorder, and find out more about her healthcare platform, this is what she had to say.

1. Mary Gorder, You have launched a company called Drs. On Calls, please explain what services you provide? In our existing healthcare system, there is a pertinent problem pertaining to doctor’s availability and access to healthcare. Common complaints are the difficulty in taking time off from work to visit a primary care doctors, the hassle of getting up when sick to drive to a clinic and sit for hours just to get a prescription. Lastly, not being able to compare pricing or read reviews between doctors. The Coronavirus pandemic has put the once-niche category of telemedicine in the spotlight and is now driving a flurry of deal activity involving virtual health-care providers.

Drs. On Calls is unlike any other telemedicine service you’ll find anywhere. It is the uber not just for doctors but for all healthcare professionals in every specialty and Amazon in one, to help simplify our complex and expensive healthcare system. It’s the new gateway to a new system of coordinated care platforms. We believe that by having a network of doctors within the platform, makes healthcare competitive which then allows the patients to be able to find the doctor they want for the budget they have.

Drs. On Calls provides, virtual call services anywhere in the world via mobile app or web. These doctors also provide Concierge Medical Services, House Calls for the elderly and homebound, and most of all, these doctors provide their clinic location if the patients decide to book an in-person visit. We also sell medical supplies as we are trying to be the amazon or one-stop shop for all your healthcare needs.

2. Why do you feel there is a need for your services? Infection, Access and Cost are the prime challenges to healthcare system today. Whether you live in a remote rural area or a congested urban city, gaining access to affordable healthcare is no easy feat. Many people cannot get adequate medical treatment because of so many barriers. i.e., lack of insurance, cost of care, long wait times, lack of transportation, lack of specialist in the area and now with the pandemic, the fear of getting infected when visiting a doctor’s office. Patients are demanding convenient, accessible, quality and affordable care. Therefore, we created Drs. On Calls to transform and simplify healthcare from service-centric to consumer-centric which has strained the healthcare system resources and driving up taxpayer costs.

3. In the USA, most people can access a doctor within a twenty-minute drive, so why should they use your service? There are doctors within a couple of miles or so but to be in traffic for 30minutes minimum and then another 30-minute wait in the waiting room only to be seen by a doctor for 5 minutes for a prescription pretty much kills your day.

4. So, how does your service exactly work. Say I woke up and I felt very unwell, and I wanted to use your service, what would I need to do? Before Drs. On Calls, an unwell patient has to call a doctor’s office for available appointment, if there’s no availability, your option is to either wait for availability or visit the emergency room. Drs. On Calls changed all of that, at a touch of a button, you’ll be able to browse the doctors in your area based on your needs, compare pricing and reviews which has never been done before. Once you find the perfect doctor, you can book and appointment on your own schedule in the comfort of your own home or wherever you may be, anytime. The doctor will order the prescription at the pharmacy of your choice which you can choose to pick up or delivered. How’s that for convenience?

5. One of the biggest problems people have when feeling unwell and trying to get a doctor’s appointment, is the time they have to wait to be seen. So, if someone is not well and they use your service, how soon can they receive medical advice? We have an amazing team of customer service that’s available by phone or chat 24/7, patients can also send questions 24/7 to a doctor of their choice but for a more serious non-emergency care, it may be best to speak with the doctor virtually which can take within minutes of booking.

6. How much do you charge for your service? Drs. On Calls is a platform for all healthcare professionals. We do not set the rate for them; therefore, rates do vary based on the location, services required and specialty. For example, in the US, an internal medicine or general practitioner varies from $30-$45 for a 15-minute call. For an hour of mental health counselling varies from $150-$300. It really all depends on your needs.

7. There are a lot of services out there that offer medical advice, so how is your service different and are you able to provide prescriptions? It’s no secret that during the pandemic, telemedicine services increased in numbers, but you also need to know that the service you are using are legitimate, following regulations and are keeping your personal information safe. We are a highly secured HIPAA compliant service, and we take security and privacy seriously. We distinguished ourselves from the rest by providing more services like house calls, concierge service, prescription delivery and more

8. What countries does your service operate in? We initially started in the US but during the pandemic, we decided to launch and focus in India, Philippines, Pakistan and Egypt where telemedicine is non-existent.

9. If someone does not speak English, can they still use your service? The best thing about our service is that not only the patient can choose their type of doctor, their rate and reviews but they can also choose the languages the doctors speak or which country they’re from. Let’s say you’re from India and on a vacation in the US, you don’t know any local doctor, let alone that speak the language. With Drs. On Calls, no matter where you are, or you’re from, you can still call your doctor from your country or find another doctor that speaks the language.

10. Let’s be honest, we have just gone through a pandemic and people are looking to reduce the amount they spend, would you say your service is more affordable than going direct to a Doctor? Absolutely! For an uninsured, the average rate for a doctor’s appointment for a clinic visit is around $150 and you will only know the cost if you call each clinic. With Drs. On Calls, at a touch of a button, you can see pricing of each doctors, availability, and reviews without the hassle of calling and comparing which takes so much of your time.

11. Where do you see the future of Drs. On Calls? To be globally recognized as the customer-centric provider for all healthcare needs.

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